Weekly Workouts and Race Recap 12

Let the weekend finally begin! After racing at 5 pm friday we didn’t leave Alabama until 820 pm to head back to New Orleans. That put us back on campus around 1230 am. It was a long and late car ride and I couldn’t sleep at all. I started by doing some homework but gave in around 945 pm and just listened to music and talked with my coach and team.

So the race and my training this week haven’t gone as smoothly as desired. I think my training room had been over stretching me and I saw the chiropractor Wednesday with some leg pain. It had started a few days before and was off and on. When I went to our trainers Tuesday I saw someone new because our personal teams trainer wasn’t in and I left feeling a lot worse than when I went in AND I was limping. Not a good sign. So the next day I saw the chiropractor, I left feeling better than I went in but not with good news. It turns out I have a slight tear in my hamstring/adductor area. Though it does not take me completely out of running it is definitely a bit painful. I took Thursday off of running before the race but was definitely not feeling my best come Friday.

Safe to say not my best race. It was a competitive field and would have been a really good challenge for me to stick with them and run a good time if I had been completely healthy. I felt flat the entire race. It also didn’t help that my stress levels have been up the last week and my UC has started to flare up too. 😦 Losing iron does not help on a race week. Hopefully I can get that under control and heal my hamstring before our next race in two weeks which is conference championships! My time yesterday for the 5k was 18:31 and I placed 58th overall out of 210 runners.

that was a big hill to start the race!
that was a big hill to start the race!
i'm in there with the green compression sleeves, white socks, blue spandex, and white shirt
i’m in there with the green compression sleeves, white socks, blue spandex, and white shirt

Sunday: 7.32 miles (51:30), core work

Monday: 7.11 miles (50:00), 30 minutes elliptical

Tuesday: 5.5 miles track workout (36:00) – 400, 800, 800, 1000, 800, 800, 400, weight lifting

Wednesday: 9 miles alter g (60:00), core work

Thursday: 45 minutes elliptical

Friday: roughly 8 miles (60:00)- 10 min morning shake out, 10 min warm up, 5k (18:31), 20 min cooldown, core work

Saturday: 10.5 mile alter g run (68:00)

Weekly Milage- 47.4 miles, 2 x cross training, 1 x weights, 3 x core work

Thoughts- definitely not my best week, hopefully I can get better over the next two weeks for the part of season that really matters, we will start to taper after this week as well leading up to conference and regionals.

So today is a pretty lazy saturday besides our alter g run I have been unpacking, doing homework, baking brownies. Since we got back so late I didn’t wake up until 9 am and went to the alter g at 11 am to run. Now I will be off to babysit soon and then GOING TO MY MOMS HOTEL!!! yayyy. First time i’ll have seen her since she brought me down to school in August so I am pretty excited! She is here for work and I won’t be able to see a lot of her but a little is better than none. She arrived after we left for Alabama and came to my dorm to drop off all sorts of Trader Joe’s goodies and get my car. She brought me a lot of yummy pumpkin stuff!

photo 1


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