Weird and Long Day

I hope you all survived this Monday cause I almost did not! Kidding but it was a hard one; everything was just a little off today. Last night I was in bed at 9 pm. I babysat until 1:30 am and wasn’t in bed until 2 am Saturday night and had a terrible headache so I slept terribly and just could not get comfortable. I think I maybe got 5 hour of sleep. Sunday after going to the gym in the morning I went to pick up my mom at 12 to go get lunch and hangout. She had a morning meeting, which is why I didn’t go meet her earlier.

We went to a place on Magazine Street called Slim Goodies Diner. I had never been before but had heard good things about it and did not want to go anywhere fancy since I was so tired. My food was so good! I had an “fluffy” egg white omelette stuff with crawfish etuffee and a biscuit and a side of fake bacon (soy bacon) The bacon wasn’t great but I was just curious as to what it would taste like so I wanted to try it, too smokey for me. My omelette was so sick and fluffy though it was really good and kept me full for hours! It was hugee!

photo 1

Next up we went to Francesca’s where I got one shirt and my mom got two and a bag. Then we went to Sucre and each got a box of 6 macaroons, so good, and The Fresh Market so I could get groceries. I spent the rest of the afternoon at my moms hotel studying and then a reception for the Conference she is in town for.


So on to today. I was still exhausted from traveling, babysitting, and a bad night of sleep. I slept through my alarm for practice this morning and woke up to a teammate calling me at 6:46 (my alarm was set for 6:22 and I was supposed to be at the bus at 6:40). Well of all morning this turned out to be a good one to oversleep for. One teammate went to the park for practice then realized when we were there she needed to run the mile to the bus for practice and another teammate had parked over the weekend where she can’t during the week. So while waiting for everyone she went to move her car so she wouldn’t get a ticket at 8 am. AND our coach slept through practice!!!!! Our GA (Grad Assistant) called him multiple times and then just made up a workout for us to run this morning.

Practice was 3 x 400 m (86,84,82) 2 mile tempo (12:32), 3 x 400 (86,84,82) with a 10-12 minute warm up and cooldown. My leg is still hurting from the race this weekend and my tear so it was pretty painful. I saw the chiropractor later that helped but I am brused and in pain right now from all the work they did.

Since we got a late start to practice this morning I ended up being 10 minutes late for my 9 am, I have been late so much lately due to practice. In my 10 am my teacher moved the test we were supposed to have to Wednesday (found out last night) and then told us today he switched it to two parts… not too happy about that since it is now twice as long. I spent most of the weekend studying so today I had observations to do and a two page paper to write on those observations that is due tomorrow. I went to a public place and wrote down what I needed and then took my notes with me to the nail salon to write my paper while I got a pedicure, they thought I was so weird. A friend went with me and after we went to Whole Foods to pick up dinner.

half eaten salad (forgot to take the picture before) mashed sweet potatoes, tofu, lettuce, beats, edamame/corn salad, mushrooms, quinoa, broccoli
half eaten salad (forgot to take the picture before) mashed sweet potatoes, tofu, lettuce, beats, edamame/corn salad, mushrooms, quinoa, broccoli

Now tonight involves A LOT of studying for my two part test this week. I have a meeting at 9 pm and then it will be straight to bed after since we have practice again tomorrow morning. I can tell it’s going to be a long week. I really wish I didn’t have to much to do since my mom is here but at least Thanksgiving is only a month away now! I’m back to work for the night and devouring the trail mix I just bought at the store!


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