Weekly Workouts 12/Week in Review

So this week was interesting to say the least, I didn’t get much running in at all and that didn’t help when other things were not going my way either. I told y’all earlier in the week that my boyfriend Shane fell and broke his elbows and needed surgery. The surgery went well but he is in so much pain, taking oxy and can’t do anything. I feel so bad that I am so far away; I wish I could help him and take care of him. We’ve been making plenty of jokes this week about our bad luck lately and at least we have each other… which is honestly all I need. Butt some other luck would be nice. My cold has progressively gotten worse, I haven’t run much since Monday. Tuesday I ran to and from practice, my hamstring has been bothering me too so that is why I took that day off then the cold kicked in. Thursday I had a fever in the afternoon and Friday my coach tried to have me run a workout with the team but I couldn’t finish it and after only doing half of it my fever was back and this morning (Saturday) my throat was hurting and i’m coughing a ton now. So this weekend I am basically on bed rest. Our conference championships are next Saturday and my team needs me to be healthy.

The other thing is my hamstring as I said it is still bothering me. The chiropractor doesn’t think I should be racing but I really have no choice and need to finish out the next 3 weeks and then I can let my leg heal. It is ROUGH, more mental than anything, I don’t want to cause anything too serious but I know my team needs me.

The last two things are the stress of a boat load of school work/running/family and the fact that my Ulceritive Colitis is back and my doctor here moved out of New Orleans so my mom is figuring out if i’ll be able to see her or have to wait and see my doctor at home but my appointment at Hopkins isn’t until December and that is a LONG time to wait and struggle through a flareup.

So all in all I know I can make it through but I needed a little rant 🙂 and hopefully for this cold to go away. Friday marked 4 weeks until I go home for Thanksgiving break and I am so excited! It will definitely be a much needed break.

Onto how this week went-

Monday: 5.5 miles (track workout- 3 x 400, 2 mile tempo, 3x 400), core work

Tuesday: 1.5 miles, 45 min elliptical, weight lifting

Wednesday: 65 min elliptical, core work

Thursday: OFF

Friday: 3 miles (track workout- 2 x 1000 is what I made it through), core work, 45 minutes elliptical, weight lifting

Saturday: OFF, did some stretching and a tiny bit of core work but otherwise relaxed and did work and chores

Weekly Milage: 9.8 miles, 3 x core work, 2 x weight lifting, 3 x cross training

Hopefully since it is taper time and I am in good shape I will be okay for conference championships next week as long as my cold goes away the lack of miles this close of our big race shouldn’t have too much affect.

Now tonight I am working on some papers for school so this week isn’t too hectic and I can get as much sleep as possible!


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