Another Monday, a New Week :)

Hello, it is getting pretty late on this Monday but I am just settling in for the night. Today was a busy-ish one but not bad!

It started with track practice nice and early, since we have 9 am classes on Monday we left at 6:30 am this morning but I drove myself so I could leave early to come back and go to the doctors since I am still fighting this cold. So at practice this morning I did the 12 minute warm up, 2×200 m, 1 x 600m, 1×1000 and a 8 minute cooldown before driving back to campus. It was super quick, the rest of the team did another 1000 and 2 sets of 5×100.

The doctor gave me a 7 day antibiotic to try and kick this old and I will go back Thursday if I’m not mostly better and get some super amune system booster for I am healthy for my race on Saturday. I was able to pick up the antibiotic from student health when I finished classes today.

Then I went to the chiro to get worked on early in the week so I’m not sore come the weekend. His office is out in Meterie which is a 15-20 minute drive and out there is the mall and some shopping centers and stores. I stopped by the mall after to get my Godiva truffle of the month thinking they would have a pumpkin truffle and I was right. It was SO GOOD!photo 1

After I went to the big Whole Foods out there and got lots of trail mix, some salmon, egg rolls, and cinnamon and sweet potato crackers (can’t wait to try). I love that Whole Foods its huge. I then went and picked up my gallon of Soy milk from when I babysat at my family friends house and left some cookies for the kids… I wonder if they listened to my note or if one of them spotted these 3

Finally it was back to school and once I unpacked my groceries I headed over to take an Ice Bath in the training room. I also was able to set up an appointment with my gastroenterologist next Tuesday! Pretty exciting right? Hopefully I start to get this under control!

I worked on a paper and a fundraiser my Environmental Ethics class is doing for the rest of the afternoon. My teacher put me in charge of the online donation sight so I was emailing and editing that. We are raising money to put a refillable water bottle station in our library to replace one of the old water bottle fountains and when we proposed the idea to the student government to get approval they loved it. So our station will serve as the pilot to see if it goes over well then the school will work to put in more in the next couple years! Pretty cool to be involved in this!

I put my salmon from Whole foods on top of some kale and romain, some slivered carrots, roasted brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes for dinner and put it all into a bowl. Salmon is by far my favorite fish and I hadn’t had it in awhile so it was nice. The cooked terriyaki salmon was part of the 2/$5 so it was a great deal too! photo 2

Last we had an events staff open gym tonight where people played volleyball and basketball and most importantly we were paid for it, so I went and just talked and hungout and ended up talking to my mom for a little and preordered our Hunger Games 2 movie tickets for when I get home 🙂 can’t wait! I fell in love with those movies, they are just so good! Now I need to read the books, cause I heard they are even better?

Well  I think I have rambled long enough, I’m sitting in bed watching food network now and I even get to sleep in tomorrow. 🙂 Have a good night!


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