Happy Halloween!!

Yay it is Halloween and the last day of October! Today I went to the Doctor this morning to get a booster shot for my immune system and then worked out. I had to meet a teacher at 11 am to go to the bank and open an account for our fundraiser. We got back to campus around 12:15 and I headed to the food court to buy snacks and stuff for traveling and got a kale salad with shrimp and roasted sweet potatoes for lunch.
Once I was back to my room I made Banana Cinnamon Muffins to take with us tomorrow. I also made Pumpkin Muffins yesterday. We have a 7 am flight so we have to leave campus at 5 am. It is going to be a rough morning! I think my teammates will appreciate the muffins πŸ™‚ I also had to pack for the race too.
I had class at 2 pm. Then after turned in a paper and went to student health to pick up more iron supplements. At 4 some teammates and I went and took an ice bath and after I left one barrow a Halloween costume. A few of us are going trick or treating πŸ™‚ Can’t wait!

29 muffins (banana and pumpkin) for my team tomorrow morning
29 muffins (banana and pumpkin) for my team tomorrow morning

photo 2

photo 1

While Shane’s family was moving this summer I helped him clean his room and unpack and we came across his plebe summer whites. So he gave me a pair to wear for halloween so I went as a sailor. It was pretty hot out so I wore some Lululemon leggings instead of the pants and that turned out to be a good idea because it POURED on us! We ended up camping out on a really nice families porch for a good ten minutes waiting for a friend to pick us up before we went to the dining hall for dinner.
Dinner was uneventful, there was nothing good to eat and they were cleaning everything up early. I made a spinach salad with mushrooms, black beans, and carrots and a hard boiled egg. Then I had a bowl of nonfat greek yogurt with chocolate sauce, granola, sliced almonds, and crushed butterfinger, and some peanut butter. Now it is time to finish some last minute packing and get into bed! Hope you had a good halloween. I didn’t go crazy trick or treating but getting a little candy is nice πŸ™‚


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