Weekly Workouts 13/Race Review

So I am really struggling with my leg right now. I have been running through this for over a month and it is just getting worse and worse. I really need some time off but have two more weeks of xc left and really no choice but to run considering that we only have 5 people going to these last two race (the one we had today and the next in 2 weeks) and that i’m still faster than my other teammates with an injury. It puts my coach in a weird place because he needs me to run, butt it really hurts, butt I also don’t want to let my team down. So many conflicting things.
Today’s race was not that great. I have had a cold for two weeks now and it was 54 when we raced this morning. So my nose immediately clogged up and my throat was so dry my chest started to hurt breathing and coughing. It also took me most of the first 1k to really get loosened up and sorta moving that put me at a huge disadvantage. Neither coach was upset with my race today and I guess I shouldn’t be either; I did the best I could with the circumstances I could influence/work with, but I need to accept I am not in my best shape and I am running through an injury right now. That is usually a big NO NO in running but when you are on a D1 college team and your team needs you the rules change a bit and you do what you can for your team as a whole. It is still frustrating going from All-Conference with a 17:48 and 19th place last year to 53rd with a 19:04 this year… the first time I have run a 19 minute 5k since my first xc race ever freshman year at Tulane… so you can probably understand the disappointment I am feeling. So that is how I did, and my team didn’t do as well as I think we could have as a whole either, we ended up 11/16. I know they don’t blame me but it is hard when your leader has some bad races and I was a little worried leading up to the race. So one race down and one more to go for the season; I will be in the training room when it opens in the morning to hopefully avoid any more damage. My body is ready for a break at this point.

So that was our race today and onto how I prepared for this race which would have usually left me fresh and ready to run.

Sunday: off
Monday: 3.6 miles track- warm up, 2×200 m strides, 1x 600, 1×1000, cooldown, core work
Tuesday: 7.02 alter g run, weight lifting, tried to go to yoga but got the days/times wrong 😦
Wednesday: 2 miles, 30 minutes elliptical, core work
Thursday: 45 minutes elliptical
Friday: 3.15 mile (course was long) course jog, core work
Saturday: 5k race, 7.15 miles total

Weekly Milage: 22.9, 1 x weight lifting, 2 x cross training

Hopefully I can figure out this whole leg situation with out too much damage. I have been limping off and on for the entire season and it is going to take a toll on other parts of my body. I’m not entirely sure where/why it all started but it has really made this season pretty bad, my worst yet. I’m just hoping this means i’ll be able to get healthy and have a good indoor/outdoor track season!!!

Now I’m babysitting for the night. Pretty low key, the girl is just watching a movie and I was able to make a good dinner and get caught up on some stuff and just relax! It’s been a long day with racing, showering, and flying back from texas so I am ready for a good nights sleep and so excited for the extra hour with day lights savings time!!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts 13/Race Review

  1. Bless your heart! I understand your running for a D1 school – but just be careful. Would hate to see this injury be something bigger than what it seems & ruin the rest of your career. ❤ Have a fabulous weekend though, girl!


    1. The doctor’s I’ve seen said i’m okayed to run, but it’s going to hurt and not going to be my best races :/ So i’m just trying to make it to the end, while doing rehab and everything I can do make it all better!


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