Running moving foward

I’ve told y’all about my struggles with my hip and hamstring lately and my not go great race this past weekend. Well, my coach is switching up our training drastically and i’m still not positive what this will mean for me but this week i’ve spent some time in the pool instead of running. This time off will hopefully help my pain go away so I can get back into the running shape I was in before it all!

Monday instead of practice we ended up having a team meeting  to review our conference race and how we are moving forward with our training. Our coach was talking about our level of training and commitment to the sport. So moving forward we are coming at this from a different level of intensity. This will be a good thing in the long run and make us all better runners as long as we do what we have to do to stay healthy.

For myself and another girl who have slight injuries we will be starting off a little differently but he gave us a general outline of what to expect for training through March. We will move into cycles of training where we do week 1- 3 doubles, week 2- 4 doubles, week 3- 5 doubles. This is a lot of work and he expects us to be pretty tired but hopefully it puts us into great shape. We still have one more XC race but we will not be tapering for it since that has not been working and we will not take time off post season. In addition to adding more workouts we will also we upping the intensity and duration of our current track workouts and runs. Most of the team took road runs way to easy and this had been a complaint all season we made to the coach. So he finally addressed that and is making the necessary changes to make us a better program because what we were doing just wasn’t working out.

So Tuesday I was in the pool for 2 sets of 75 minutes of aquajogging. I switch off and on with the water belt in order to challenge myself. Wednesday I did 60 minutes of aquajogging in the morning and 45 minutes on the elliptical and 30 mintes aquajogging in the afternoon… this is a TON of cardio! Wow and very time consuming. I guess it feels like more than usual because practice goes by fast with my teammates and I enjoy running much more than the pool. It also doesn’t help that I have to go to the training room twice a day as well.

aquajoggen pool-running-aqua-jogging-basics

Today and Friday I will get to do 45 minutes of alter g running both days, which is very exciting instead of 75 minutes in the pool so  I will do a full recap of the week on Saturday! But I can tell ya my body is TIRED! This is probably mostly due to my super low iron and ferratin levels though and hopefully we will get those better soon. I have been okayed to start an iron IV in order to put it directly into my blood stream since my digestive system is a mess and the pill iron is just not going to work if i’m not absorbing nutrients much. Things are starting to look up as I am able to cross train in ways that don’t hurt and get some answers about why my UC is acting up so much so hopefully it is all resolved in time for the holidays!


Today also involved some very yummy eats! I only pictured breakfast and dinner but lunch was good too. Breakfast was plain greek yogurt with pumpkin protein powder some granola, musili, and honey bunches of oats plus some chocolate chips and trail mix on top 🙂 some raspberries and peeled satsumas, a banana with peanut butter and a big cup of coffee! photo 2

Lunch that I ate in class was a baked sweet potato with some peanut butter, plain greek yogurt, and salsa on top plus some cucumbers and acorn squash.

Dinner I couldn’t decide what I wanted. I was thinking I should eat a salad but that just did not sound good. My stomach was really hurting so I wanted something a little more warm and comforting.  I went with a version of oatmeal with eggs and banana and topped it with crunchy peanut butter and chocolate chia peanut butter, some chocolate chips and peanut butter chips. It was sooo good!

photo 1


Now I am still not feeling great so it is a laid back night, sitting in bed reading and watching some Netflix and will be an early night!


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