Weekly Workouts 14

So this past week involved A LOT of cardio. My legs are a bit sore but in a good way and I know it’ll pay off in the long run. I am a long way from the shape I was in last spring when I ran my PRs on the track and hopefully I am able to build back up to that again and surpass those times, especially after the cross country season I had.

I also finally made it back to yoga after a long hiatus and did some weight lifting. All in all it was a good week. I did my rehab a couple of days too, which involves a lot of hip flexor and groin strengthening exercises. Because I am mostly cross training this week was kind of ridiculous because of our new training intensity so here is how it looked.

Sunday: AM-30 minutes elliptical, weight lifting

Monday: AM-75 minutes elliptical, core work

Tuesday: AM/PM- 2 x 75 minutes of aqua jogging, weight lifting, 30 minutes runners world yoga video

Wednesday: AM-60 minutes aqua jogging, PM-45 minutes elliptical, 30 minutes aqua jogging, core work

Thursday: AM- 60 minutes aqua jogging, PM-7 mile alter g run (45 minutes w/ two 5 min pickups), 60 minutes yoga class

Friday: AM- 75 minutes elliptical, PM- 7.5 mile alter g run (50 minutes), core work

Saturday: 75 minutes elliptical, weight lifting


Weekly Milage: 14.5 miles, 3 x weight lifting, 3 x core work, 9 x cross training (pool and elliptical)

So even though I haven’t been running I’m getting in a lot of work and should be fine to race on Friday 11/15. My teammates that aren’t hurt at all also did a lot of milage this week running 7-9 miles everyday with 3 doubles and they are even tired. I really wish I was able to run instead of cross train so much. I do like cross training sometimes but I love to run and would rather run a ton of miles than log sooo many hours of other stuff. It just isn’t the same. So hopefully I am better sooner rather than later and can get back out on the road and track! I was happy I got some more weights and yoga in this week too! 🙂 I hope to continue to do that, I feel so much better overall when I do.

Next week I will do a couple more alter g runs, hopefully one track workout, and the race on Friday. As I said before our coach is not tapering us for this meet so the team will do 4 doubles this week and I will probably do 5 since I am mostly cross training but we’ll see what he decided to give me. I am not too worried about it though, I have great stamina and cardio and am a good runner, injured or not. So I hope I can have a decent race next week and continue to grow as an athlete and runner!

Have a good weekend! I am spending my Saturday night baking (these GF trail mix cookies) (and chocolate chip corn bread muffins but I half cheated because I had a box of Trader Joe’s cornbread mix) with a teammate and will hopefully get some reading done for class later since I have a lot of it to do.


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