Happy Veterans Day

I just wanted to pop in for a quick hello on this lovely Monday! Happy Veterans Day and thank you to all that have served, are currently serving, or are training to go into it. I’ve mentioned before my boyfriends, Shane, is currently at the Naval Academy. He has planned to be a Navy pilot but cannot because he found out he is color blind. So his new plan will involve intel or supply corp but each person plays a very important part in protecting our country and I couldn’t be more proud. I will be there for him no matter where he ends up in the future and I know it will be hard. For the length of time I have known him and his family they have moved twice; lucky for me not too far away. But I know they have been stationed all over the US and in other country. They have moved 12-15 times as a family and I give his mom so much credit for having been able to do this and raise a great family and son đŸ™‚


In addition to being Veterans Day it is also my birthday!! My 21st too! It was nice as a kid to always have the day off of school and I am a little bummed Tulane did not give us off today. So nothing too exciting happened today but I did get myself some yogurtland with a friend. I celebrated more yesterday. I went to yoga at my local LuluLemon store and then bought myself a cute jacket after as a birthday present. I babysat 2 times in the last week so I figured it was okay. For dinner yesterday my teammates and I went to a sushi restaurant called Little Tokyo that does karaoke. We had a room and it was super fun!



Today involved team weights this morning at 6:40 am, a 7 mile (45 min) alter g run at lunch time, and a trip to the chiropractor afterwards. It was also really nice out today- high 70s and sunny – so it wasn’t a bad day! Now I am hanging out in my room and going to hit the dining hall for dinner a little later since they have salmon tonight, which are really the only nights I like to go eat there.

A pretty uneventful 21st birthday but I am in season and battling my UC flareup so it wouldn’t be smart or fun to indulge in alcohol right now especially since I am doing a short workout on the track tomorrow morning at 6:40!


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