WIAW: #7 One Full Day

Hello and happy Wednesday! It is my last day of classes for this week today 🙂 We leave tomorrow morning for our last XC race, in Waco Texas. Our flight is at 8:15 am so we are leaving campus at 6:10, an hour later than we have to leave for the last race!! I love my sleep and I’m still catching up from a bad weekend of sleep and all these early mornings. Luckily today we did not meet for practice so I slept in a bit before my 9 am class. My plan is to workout (cross train) after class today since we rarely get the chance to sleep in.

So I decided to do a full day of eats for this weeks WIAW; lets take a look at my Tuesday eats!

Breakfast: Oikos Greek Yogurt Plain with raisin bran and rice chex some slivered almonds and peanut butter and sliced strawberries, plus some cantaloupe and coffee


Snack: A handful of pumpkin spice almonds and ginger bread pretzels, and a mini cornbread muffin with chocolate chip and a GF trail mix cookie


Lunch: A salad made of butter lettuce, beets, mushrooms, shredded carrots, blueberries, and shrimp and I had a lemonade vitamin water and a mini 3 rolo pack from halloween 🙂


Snack 2: Skinny Pop Popcorn (this stuff is good!)  (While watching gossip girl sitting in bed)


Dinner: Mixed greens with beets, mushrooms, edamame, acorn squash with peanut butter and a corn bread muffin


Dessert: Yogurtland- pumpkin pie, dutch chocolate, and salted caramel pecan with chocolate and toffee on top


So there ya have it. Basically an entire day of eats, I may have grabbed a few more gingerbread pretzels and another cornbread muffin but those were just as I was walking through the kitchen/where we keep our food, I love little nibbles 🙂 It was a yummy day of eats and ending with Yogurtland is always perfect!

I think i’m the worlds biggest froyo addict? I want my own machine, is that weird?

I’m also a big fan of salads but had been slacking lately so i’m trying to get back into at least one a day and butter lettuce is my favorite!

This is my favorite time of the year food wise because now that it is November gingerbread is coming out but pumpkin is still available as well! Two of my favorite flavors!! What are yours?

Hopefully y’all are eating good on this Wednesday and can’t wait to read others eats too!



3 thoughts on “WIAW: #7 One Full Day

    1. It was my first time adding chocolate chips to the cornbread and it was so good! I got the pretzels at a store on my college campus but I wouldn’t be surprised if The Fresh Market had some since they always have tons of holiday pretzels, nuts, mixes, etc.


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