Weekly Workouts 15 & Not My Ideal Race Result

This week I did manage to get in some more running than in the past two weeks, which was great! Butttt I am now shut down for a while. My race on Friday was pretty awful. My UC has really been bad this week. I haven’t slept through the night in over two weeks and the last 4ish nights I have been waking up almost every hour! It has been really awful. So in addition to running off of no good sleep, I have terrible iron and ferratin levels so I am not recovering well, and my stomach has felt AWFUL. Like really awful, for the last two days it has hurt to just breath. My entire left side of my stomach/under my rib cage hurts terribly. Every time I eat I get really bad pain and I just don’t know what to do at this point. I have seen my GI doctor here and I have a follow up on Tuesday afternoon. I really hope we can figure this out soon.

So back to the race. After not sleeping, and my stomach being upset, I felt super light headed and just couldn’t hold it together before the race. I was exhausted and felt terrible. My coach knew I was not in good condition but I needed to run so my team could score. He and I talked before the race and my goal was just to finish the race, it was upsetting to come to that realization but I just needed to run for my team. The condition of my stomach at this point is much worse than my hamstring or anything else that has been bothering me. I can barely focus on anything else. My team didn’t blame me for anything about our team outcome and were just happy I was able to finish and didn’t give up. I ran just under 25 minutes for a 6k; this is much much much slower than I have ever run a race in my life. I run most of my road runs at this pace or just a little slower. So as a team we did not do as well as we had hoped, I came in 100 places higher than I did before so that really hurt our score. We are looking up for track season though. I have time to figure this out and get healthy again and then get back into shape. This week I will get iron IVs started and hopefully get some more answers about why  I am having so many problems with my digestive system right now.

bulls in Waco, TX
bulls in Waco, TX


This is what the weeks workouts looked like; we also did not taper for this race and have been training pretty hard the last two weeks.

Sunday: 10 mile bike ride, yoga

Monday: 7.05 alter g run (45:30), weights, 45 minutes elliptical, core work

Tuesday: 3.1 miles (22:00 minutes)-1x2000m, 75 minutes  elliptical

Wednesday: 5.2 miles (38:30), core work, 75 minutes elliptical

Thursday: 4.5 miles (35:00)

Friday: 6k race- 6.5 miles total (47:00)

Saturday: OFF

Weekly Milage: 26.3 miles, 2 x core work, 1 x weights, 3 x elliptical, 1 x biking

After the race on Friday we had a lot of time to kill, our flight wasn’t until 9:10 pm. We were in Waco, TX, a really small town, my teammates and I wandered around for a bit and got lunch before we headed out to drive to Dallas for our flight back to New Orleans. We didn’t land until 10:45 pm and that made for a late night!

Today I kept it very low key. I went to the training room this morning to check in and let them know about my downward spiral of symptoms. Then I headed back to my room and had a lot of unpacking and cleaning up to do. After lunchtime I came to my family friends house, where I am now. I have done multiple loads of laundry, did a lot of reading and homework, and helped the daughter and her friend make some brownies.  I ate dinner here and am just hanging out for the night. I hope y’all are having a much better weekend than I am right now! My appointment with my GI doctor on Tuesday cannot come soon enough.


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