On the Bright Side & My Weekend

So I’ve been a little MIA but with good reason. 1. I have been really sick- not with a cold but with GI issues that are making my stomach hurt terribly and my energy levels are non-existant 2. I left for Thanksgiving break on Friday and am HOME! wooo!

Being home is just what I needed right now, though I do wish I didn’t feel so bad I’d rather feel bad at home than at school. I do have classes Monday and Tuesday but some were cancelled and I talked to the teachers of the others and I won’t miss too much; I got all my work done that needed to be handed in last week. It really made the most sense considering how I’ve been feeling and how expensive flights are this week. I landed Friday night, delayed by an hour unfortunately, and my mom and Shane picked me up and we headed straight to the movies to see Catching Fire. Since we were running late Shane and I went into Wegmans and picked up sushi to eat for dinner and my mom got us seats. I thought the movie was really good, sets up perfectly for the 3rd one, but Shane wasn’t a big fan- there wasn’t enough fighting in it for him and there was too much romance. hah. 

Saturday morning I woke up and went to the gym with my mom, while Shane slept. Around noon we headed out to do errands and grocery shopping. That involved Michaels, Target, Whole foods for lunch (soup and sweet potatoes for me and my stomach), Sam’s Club, and Trader Joe’s. We needed a ton of groceries. There wasn’t much in the house for Shane and I and we needed more Pumpkin Greek Yogurt from Trader Joe’s, soooo good! When we got home Shane watched football while my mom and I started to work on dinner to take over to our friend Ron’s house. We made pesto salmon, pork chops for the boys, and quinoa ‘fried rice’ stuffed in peppers. Ron also picked up some ginger cookies and chocolate covered pistachios from The Fresh Market. Everything was really good but my stomach still wasn’t too happy with more complicated foods.

Sunday morning I went to the gym again and tried my first Barre class with my mom. I know it is really popular but I was just not a fan. I can’t do core work right now because of my stomach and a bunch of the moves hurt my hip so I won’t be going to anymore classes. Shane had caught a cold somehow this weekend and I was just exhausted after not sleeping much at night so we have a very lazy day. We ate breakfast when we got home and then got back under a couple of blankets with the fire place going and watched movies all day. First was White House Down and then Monsters University. Midway through we took a lunch break but I wasn’t feeling too hot so I only had pretzels and peanut butter and some blueberries. I had to take him back to school at 5:15 and my mom went out on a date so I watched an episode of gossip girl when I got home and then made an egg sandwich for dinner. It was really good too! I had GF wheat bread with vegan cream cheese, some leftover salmon, a bit of lettuce, and scrambled eggs. I put it all together and chowed down. I liked it so much I ate the same thing for lunch today! (and it didn’t upset my stomach tooo much) When my mom got home she made a big salad since they had chicken wings while watching football and we put on Dante’s Peak- a movie we hadn’t seen in awhile but is pretty good! Love Pierce Brosnan!


Finally onto today! I was able to sleep in a bit, until 8:50 am. I hung around this morning and didn’t go to the gym until 10 am. I had some cinnamon chex before going and came home to make my great egg sandwich again for lunch! I then had a chiropractor appt at 1:45 and more errands to run after that included: the bank, sam’s club for gas, the mall for my Godiva truffle of the month and some free vs panties, and then the Great Harvest to pick up a loaf of bread. I also made a quick stop at Whole Foods for sushi (I’ve really been craving it lately) for dinner. At the Great Harvest I picked up a loaf of Pumpkin Swirl Wheat for pumpkin french toast on Thursday morning. They gave me a whole slice to try before buying it and it was good; I ate a couple bites there but then brought the rest of the slice home and toasted it and put vegan cream cheese on it… good decision! I also got a call from CVS that a prescription was ready so I headed there before going home. I talked to my doctor this morning and since I’m still not feeling better she put me on prednisone to hopefully kick this!



I finally made it back to yoga tonight too. I’m really glad I went. After getting adjusted today it was nice to get a good stretch in and really relaxing. Now since my mom was in Ohio today I am alone for dinner and just hanging out in my room (so nice to say!) She won’t be back until 10 pm tonight. I am already pretty tired so I will call it a night pretty early. 

Onto the bright side of my title… I know this is a LONG post, sorry. With my stomach being in so much pain and my food intake being limited there is one positive I have found. Before all this, even with my flare up but before the stomach pain, I was indulging into my sweet tooth wayyyy too often. Like after halloween I would eat 5ish (give or take) pieces of candy throughout the day then get froyo and maybe eat some more chocolate from the Fresh Market later at night. Plus I put chocolate chips in everything: my yogurt, my cereal, my trail mix, my bars… I also had a bunch of covered pretzels for the holidays- like pumpkin and gingerbread and yogurt covered. I was just eating wayy too much candy and chocolate. So I have finally kicked the craving for the last two weeks I have been much more modest about my sugar intake. I knew I needed to cut back but chocolate is just so comforting it was hard. I no longer find myself craving it at 10 am and then allllll day long; yes I still eat it almost every day but more like once a day maybe twice. With my UC and nutritional deficiencies right now I have found myself craving egg sandwiches, sushi, greek yogurt, silk milk and other healthy foods in order to fill the gaps… even if they don’t sit well. 

My final note is that hopefully this more intense steroidal medicine will help me feel better and fast. I haven’t had coffee is 7 days now since caffine makes it worse and I really miss that. But hopefully my sweet tooth is a little tamed now and I will continue to keep it in check through the holidays. If your still with me I hope you are doing better than I am and Happy Thanksgiving!


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