A long overdue Thanksgiving break recap

It is Tuesday December 4th and I feel sooo far behind in any sort of updates on here, there is so much I could write about! Since tomorrow is WIAW I will leave the food recap for then so that gives me some room to update y’all on the other happenings of my GREAT break πŸ™‚ I left off last on Monday night so onto the rest!

Monday and Tuesday involved much of the same, some morning gym time, relaxing at home, etc while Shane was in school. Wednesday he finally finished up after a half day. I had a big family lunch at the Prime Rib in DC with 20 of us and it was so fun.A 3 hour lunch! That night Shane and I went to a sushi place for dinner for his friends birthday and were there for 2 hours! A lot of meal hours logged that day.

Thursday… THANKSGIVING! All 3 of us hit up the gym in the morning and then went home to breakfast. I made baked pumpkin french toast and it was amazinggg. Once we finished Shane and I headed out to his house where my mom was going to meet us a few hours later for ‘dinner’. It was a nice evening, just watching football, did some reading (for class), and had thanksgiving x2. I myself had some shrimp, a baked sweet potato, cornbread stuffing, and a salad plusss a HUGE slice of pumpkin pie for dessert, its my favorite!

Friday morning Shane slept in and I did some research for a 10 page paper I had to write and once he woke up we ate breakfast and headed to Walmart just to see if there was anything good. I ended up finding a magic bullet for $29 that I was so excited about and we also picked up some snacks and gingerbread m&ms. After we hit the gym, had lunch, and Shane watched more football while I read The Call of the Wild for school. I managed to finish it that day! We had more leftovers for dinner and then got Sweet Frog frozen yogurt for dessert and watched a movie.
a smoothie with my new blender!
a smoothie with my new blender!
Saturday we headed out at 11 to make it to DC for my late birthday lunch with family. We ate at Muse at the Corcoran. I wish it had been decorated for the holidays but oh well. My aunt, who is absolutely amazing, got me my first Louis Vuitton bag since it was my 21st. My dads girlfriend also got me a Tiffany’s necklace, and I got some money, whole foods gift card, and other things. Shane got me a elephant rug, it’s really cool and elephants are my favorite animal, as well as a billy the goat (navy mascot) pillow pet, Starbucks giftcard and navy xc shirt. It was nice to finally be able to celebrate my birthday! We still had to workout after lunch though 😦 and later that evening went to the mall so Shane could get a hair cut, I got a secret Santa present, a Godiva truffle and we stopped at whole foods to pick up dessert since we didn’t have any after lunch. Dinner was very simple, breakfast (eggs) for dinner and a salad.
IMG_0923 20131130_141858_LLS 20131130_141702_LLS
Sunday was my last full day home. My mom and I went to the gym and then came back to do work. Shane and I both had papers to write. We worked for a few hours and then headed to Nordstrom’s rack where I found shoes my mom is giving Shane for Christmas, robeks for smoothies, and qdoba for lunch. It was a much needed break before we headed back home to spend a couple more hours doing work. Later we went to trader joes to pick up a few fresh things and get Shane dinner to take back to school before we dropped him off and then my mom and I decorated for Christmas!
Finally Monday was my last day home. Again, since I am car less at home, I went to the gym with my mom. Once home she did some work outside and I am some food to take back to school and packed up my bags. My mom had a work call so I took her car to do some Christmas shopping and I managed to get a lot done in a short amount of time! After my mom finished with work we met up with her boyfriend for a quick/late lunch before taking me to the airport at Lebanese taverna. My flight was at 5:30 and with the time difference i was back to New Orleans at 7:15. Once back to campus I took a friend to the dining hall for dinner before unpacking. Unfortunately over break my mini fridge reset so I had my milk, yogurt, and some pumpkin bars that went bad 😦 it was kind of annoying to come back to that but otherwise unpacking was easy and I settled in for the night ready for today. I didn’t end up sleeping well though I got too used to my comfy bed at home!
Today has been pretty busy so far but I expected that. This week is going to be crazy with the last couple of days of class and finals, papers, and projects! This morning I went to the training room and was cleared to start running 3x 25ish minutes this week!!! WOOOOO. So since we had a double today I went to the gym after and did my 75 minutes on the elliptical before settling into studying for the rest of the morning. Then I had a meeting with my english teacher to go over my final paper, class, and then back to studying. Now I’m heading out to run with a teammate for her double and were going to run 3-4 miles.
Wish me luck! Hopefully it is pain free!
It is a much needed break from all the note taking and studying I have done today. Finals are killer!
Sorry for the super long post, hopefully I don’t get lost with finals like I did break πŸ™‚

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