Weekly Workouts #16

Hello I hope everyone has been having a good weekend so far! It is Saturday night and I am babysitting for my good family friends, which I also did last night. It’s been perfect since I was able to get a ton of work done and make money for the holidays! I feel like I still have so much Christmas shopping left to do. 

Yesterday night, while I was here, I knocked out a 1200 word paper AND finished editing my 10 page paper! For one night I think that is pretty successful and then I even made a Christmas list for my dad. Tonight, I haven’t done as much, just putting together a video project for my Deviant Behavior class but that is because I took the kids and two friends to the movies this afternoon. Our movies were around 4pm and we didn’t get back until 7pm. The boys saw Catching Fire and I saw Frozen with the girls. Frozen was super cute and I really enjoyed it; a classic disney animated movie.

Earlier today we had our yearly XC secret santa brunch at Dante’s Kitchen. It is always so good! I eat some things I shouldn’t but occasionally it is worth it. The biscuits there are so good and then for my meal I had the Crab and Bree Omelette that came with tomatoes and I added mushrooms too. We all left soo full! My secret santa also got my a Yogurtland giftcard that will definitely go to use 🙂


So onto the workouts… this week went pretty well. I am finally regaining my energy and have done a couple runs with no pain at all! I did 3 runs, one of which was on the alter g. So here is what my week looked like (it’s been really nice to do one run and one cross training session on the days we have to double too!).

Monday: 75 minutes elliptical, core work, weight training

Tuesday: 75 minutes elliptical, 4.45 mile run (33 minutes)

Wednesday:75 minutes elliptical, 5.05 mile run (36:30 minutes), core work

Thursday: 75 minutes elliptical, yoga class

Friday: 75 minutes elliptical, 7.75 mile alter g run (50 minutes), weight training, core work

Saturday: 75 minutes elliptical


Total Milage- 17.25, 6 x cross training of 75 minutes each, 3 x core work, 2 x weights


This week has been so so so much better. I finally have energy and get a boost from my workouts and being able to run pain free has been great. We will be easing into it over the next couple weeks as I build my milage back up. At weights on Friday we did squats and lunches and a ton of weighted ball exercises that left me SO sore today. I was not expecting it but I should’ve been since I haven’t squatted weight in a LONG time. We did 4×4 and I got up to 75 lbs, which is like 3/4ths my body weight so my coach was pretty impressed by that without much weight training yet. 

Now it is time to prepare for finals and finish off the semester well! I am done by Tuesday but will be busy, busy, busy until then! Goodluck to anyone else with finals! We’re almost there and then it’s a month break! 🙂

I’ll leave you with this picture 🙂 The temperature was 81 yesterday and with the storm that came through it dropped to 43 today! BURRRRImage


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