Year of Running 2013

I’ve seen this link up going around (thanks Miss Zippy!) for the last couple days and couldn’t wait to join in and show my highs and lows this last year with my running career. Yes, I call it a career right now because it is paying for my college education and I give it the time other give to work. That is not said with any sort of negative tone though, just to make that clear, I LOVE to run and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I choose to run in college I just happen to be pretty good so it has allowed me to go to a great private university and have a unique college experience. Every ‘sacrifice’ I have made for this sport is really not a sacrifice or inconvenience at all. I would give everything I have for this sport because it is a part of who I am and has redefined my life, goals, and happiness. So without any more ramble about a general love for running lets take a look.

Best Race: This would have to be University of Washington Invitational during the Indoor season last year. It was my peak last spring before I got really sick with UC. I ran a 16:59 for the 5k indoors and I just had an AMAZING day. The competition was tough but I went in with a lot of determination and really trusted my training leading up to that race. Once the gun went off it was on; I set in on the heals of the lead runner running right behind her for almost the entire race. I hit the “wall” with about 800 meters left and ended up in 7th but it was a 49 second PR for me and broke my school record so I am happy I went out and really pushed myself outside of my comfortable running zone.

ImagePost race/next day 13 mile run (yes I was sore)ImageImage

Best Run: Seesh this is a hard one! I’ve had a lot of good runs and a lot of bad ones over the course of a year! If an alter g run counts it would have to be this August I ran 14 miles in 1:25:00 (avg 6:04 pace) I started the run at 6:40 and got faster from there once I reached 10 miles I decided I felt great and did a 5k tempo ish run working my way from 6:00-5:15 pace and then cooled down to end at 14 total miles. I left feeling amazing and immediately texted my coach. 

Best New Piece of Gear: By far my Garmin! I finally bought one last April? and I love it, for when i’m traveling or running in areas I don’t know, or for tempo runs it has been a huge help. I really am not a fan of obsessing over numbers, times, distance, pace, etc so I like the Forerunner 10 it is perfect for me.

Best Piece of Running Advice: Don’t waste time being upset/angry over any injury. Just do you best to keep upbeat and get healthy as fast as possible, set backs are a reality with low or high intensity running and you just have to roll with the punches and control what you can/be as smart as you can. The body is a mysterious thing and it is hard to guage how much it can handle before breaking down… or you get hit by some accident.

Most Inspirational Runner: I have to say I really don’t have one… sure I love myself some Kara Goucher and Shalane Flannigan but I really don’t focus on an inspirational runner… just trying to be the best one I can be as well as the best student, daughter, girlfriend, friend…


Summary: Running comes with highs, lows, injury, and success. You have to accept the worst in order to achieve the best. I know I am not invincible and have to listen to my body in order to be the best runner I can be; there will always be setbacks but I look at them as tests to see how much I really want the goals I am going after and I am not going to give up.

So for me 2013 started out with a bang I ran 235 miles in January, ran multiple Prs and had a number of great runs before being hit with UC and later a hip/hamstring/groin problem(s). I am looking forward to a hopefully healthy 2014 and will welcome the new running year with open arms and a refreshing start!


One thought on “Year of Running 2013

  1. Wow–you are an incredible speedster! Way to rock it. And as someone who is one week into a layoff due to injury, I really like the advice you’s so true. Here’s to a healthy and happy 2014! Thanks for linking in.


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