Weekly Workouts #17/Saturday happenings

I cannot believe another week has already gone by! Wow this one went by FAST! But that’s a good thing because I am home for the Holidays 🙂 I’m a bit late posting this Saturday Workout recap but that is because my mom and I spent the afternoon in Washington D.C. seeing an old neighbor/family I babysit for, their daughter is in a show in D.C. called the Washington Revels. So we went and saw it this afternoon, it is a Christmas show that focuses on a different countries traditions each year and is a collection on songs and dances. This years theme/country choices were Turkey, Greece, and Bulgaria.

This morning I woke up had some yummy pumpkin greek yogurt and pretzels with peanut butter and coffee. Then, we went to the gym just after 8 am, my mom did some time on the elliptical and then a power class while I did the elliptical for cardio and some hip/leg exercises as part of my rehab. After we headed home to get ready for the day. At noon I met two friends/twins that I ran with in high school at Sweet Frog to catch up and get yogurt. We also walked to The Fresh Market that was in the same shopping center so I could pick up a few things and lunch for my mom and I to take to the show. My mom and I met back up in Ulta where she was picking up some stocking stuffers before heading to D.C.


After the show we headed over to Saks so I could get my LV purse monogrammed. It couldn’t have been easier! The sales people were so nice and it only took about 10 minutes before we were walking out. Next, we headed to World Market to pick up some other stocking stuffers (European chocolate, yummm) and small fun things. I found this mug that is perfect for me too!


It was pretty late by the time we got home, we had stopped into Paul after the show so on the ride home I ate the pastry shaped gingerbread man. It was too cute not to get and very yummy. For dinner we had thawed some salmon that we drizzled with balsamic  vinegar, some over roasted asparagus, a salad, and leftover butternut squash pizza with avocado added on top. Kind of random but it was what we had and balanced out. ImageImage

So that was my Saturday and onto my workouts/running from the past week. I have been majorly slacking the last couple days with the cold weather/rain today on my running and really needed to get some motivation/deal with the weather. But otherwise the week wasn’t too bad!

Sunday: 9.5 mile alter g run (62 minutes)

Monday: 3.5 mile run (24 minutes), core work, 65 minutes elliptical

Tuesday: 8 mile alter g run (52 minutes), leg/hip exercises

Wednesday: 75 minutes elliptical, weights, core work

Thursday: 1 mile run (7 minutes), 75 minutes elliptical, arm weights

Friday: 90 minutes elliptical intervals, core work

Saturday: 75 minutes elliptical, leg/hip exercises

Total Milage: 22 miles, 3 x core work, 2 x weights, 5 x cross training. 2 x rehab exercises


I wish I had fit in a couple more miles and been around 25 this week but that is my own doing, my leg is still feeling good and I should had knocked out a couple more but there has been so much to do! Since finishing finals and coming home later Wednesday it has been non-stop ever since. Thursday and Friday involved a lot of errands, getting my Christmas shopping done and wrapping, plus hanging out with Shane and we had to do some grocery shopping too for us since my mom spent the last week in California- there was not much in the house to eat. So hopefully this next week I get myself outside a little more and continue to build my milage back up. It is really nice to be home though, cold or not, I am already sleeping so much better in my own bed! AND cannot wait to bake lots of christmas cookies this week 🙂

Good luck to anyone still with finals left, I lucked out finishing up so early this year!

Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday so the day will be spent doing whatever she wants to do 🙂

Have a great and relaxing Sunday!


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