WIAW (Monday): #11 A Little Late

Anyone ever notice that a post they scheduled did not end up getting posted… maybe I didn’t save it or something but I have been cleaning out pages and drafts and noticed I had a WIAW from over a year ago sitting there… haha, ops. A day year late and a dollar short? I hope you enjoy it anyways, heck a went through the trouble of typing it all up! So here it is word for word, posted below!


This week I decided to do what I ate on Monday πŸ™‚ I like switching back and forth between random meals and whole days because I don’t get stressed about forgetting pictures and what not. Since I have been home I have been eating all the things I love as well. I realized in the last week I have eaten salmon 5 times! It is safe to say that is my favorite fish! It has been nice to be eating with Shane and my mom as well and not alone in my dorm or the dining hall and I like spending extra time putting meals together for myself and others and having left overs of course πŸ™‚ So onto the eats!

<a href=”http://www.peasandcrayons.com/&#8221; target=”_blank”><img border=”0″ src=”http://i1065.photobucket.com/albums/u395/plaughlin1/wiawphotobutton.jpg&#8221; /></a></center>

Pre Workouts Breakfast/Snack: Coffee, pretzel goldfish and coconut peanut spread


Breakfast (post workout): another cup of coffee (half-calf), plain greek yogurt with chocolate eas protein powder, crushed pecans, chocolate chips, and crushed mini wheats, plus an unpictured tangerine


Lunch: Panera Thai salad (no chicken) but added my fake chick’n strips eaten before The Hobbit started in reclining movie theatre seats πŸ™‚ plus a couple pieces of dove dark chocolate during the movie


Snack #1: The greatest popcorn ever! Flavors- moose munch & cake batter (also eaten during the movie)


Snack #2: Banana & peanut butter


Dinner: Mixed Greens, cherry tomatoes, chick’n strips (fake chicken for protein), garlic quinoa and brown rice mix, and sweet potato fries, plus some unpictured pita chips and roasted red pepper hummus


Dessert: some of these yummy gingerbread twix bars!


If you ask me it was another good day πŸ™‚ The Hobbit was really good too and the amazing seats were a surprise, we had never been to that theatre before but will definitely go back to it next time we see a movie! Since my stomach has been better than it was I have been craving lots of sushi and salads, which is definitely a good thing. I still have a lot of strange noises come from my tummy after I eat, but at least it doesn’t hurt.

I love the Thai chicken salad at Panera but I wish they had a shrimp option or something, I always get the chicken on the side for someone else to eat that is with me since I’m paying for it anyways.

Edited to add: Shane and I want to go see the new Hobbit movie at that same theatre because the reclining seats are awesome and that movie is so long! Might be too late at this point though, we were not at his house long over break since we all went to New York and I got home from school so late. Also, since coming home a couple weeks ago, with a lot less stress, more sleep, and cutting back on processed foods my stomach has felt A TON better! Wooo. It is pretty awesome not always being in search of a bathroom or trying to explain why my stomach is talking all the time, haha.

Have a good Wednesday Monday!Β and eat well πŸ™‚ I know it isn’t WIAW today but I have new pictures to post this coming Wednesday.

One week until Christmas! (past christmas now)


5 thoughts on “WIAW (Monday): #11 A Little Late

  1. I bought a bag expecting to try one, but they all disappeared. I heard from everyone that those gingerbread Twix are a lot better than the gingerbread M&Ms.


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