Weekly Workouts #18

Hello from New York! I’m in Larchmont until Christmas Day then I’ll head back to DC to be with my dads family and then to Dahlgren, Va with Shane’s family. Shane and I drove up together; we left VA on Wednesday, stopped in Philadelphia that night, and continued onto NY on Thursday to meet my mom and stay with our friends.

Friday we went into the city and went to the 9/11 memorial, did a little shopping at C Wonder, and had a really good lunch. I’m not sure the name of the place but I had this bowl with rice, mushrooms and tofu, carrots and zucchini, and an egg. After lunch we walked through Eataly, which is a really cool place you can order all sorts of food and buy produce and meats etc, Shane and I took the train back to Larchmont so we could run. Unfortunately, our train was running late and by the time we got back to the house and changed the sun was going down, which we were trying to avoid. I ran 6.06 miles in 43 minutes. It’s felt so good to be running more and more especially since the weather has been mild the last couple days and this weekend is supposed to be super nice!
photo 2

For dinner we went to Port Chester for dinner at Terry Lodge. We had a ton of food as a table! We started with the antipastas- we did the veggie, meat, and fish ones. Then since we had done all that my mom and I split two salads. The octopus and mixed green with white beans salads. I forgot to take pictures/it was pretty dark in the restaurant but everything was amazing! They also ordered two desserts that I couldn’t eat but everyone was raving about the maple cheesecake with cinnamon ice cream. I waited until we got home to have some of the seven layer bars I made Thursday with moose track ice cream.

seven layer bars minus coconut
seven layer bars minus coconut

Today I headed to the gym with my mom this morning. I set up some pumpkin overnight oats to sit while we were there and ate some gingerbread before we left. My mom did a spin class while I did some time on the elliptical. When we got back to the house they were making some eggs, bacon, sausage, and plenty of coffee. My mom and I had over overnight oats topped with banana plus we picked up some donuts at Donut Planet in the city yesterday. We had a selection of cranberry, chestnut, triple chocolate, chocolate glazed, and dulce de leche. We cut them up and all shared them as well as everything else.

After breakfast we got our things together and my mom, sister, and I headed to Hoboken where my sister lives. We were taking her home for the night and getting her stuff for the week so she wouldn’t have to carry it all on the train and into the city tomorrow. While she packed I went on a run along the Hudson- it was really pretty and such a nice day for a run! It was sunny and around 60. I ran for 39 minutes and 5.6 miles. We then went to lunch in town and I got 16 handles frozen yogurt before we heading back to Larchmont.

going out to run in shorts in December!
going out to run in shorts in December!

after I took a few bites
after I took a few bites

It took us around 75 minutes with traffic to go only 25 miles but thats New York for ya! Once back we walked into town to do a little last minute Christmas shopping and now I’m typing this up before we get dinner together. So that has been my time in a nutshell in NY so far and here are my past workouts!

Workout Recap:
Sunday:5.75 miles (42 min), weight lifting
Monday: 2.05 miles (15 min), core work, 60 min elliptical, 15 min bike
Tuesday: 60 min elliptical, 30 min bike, weight lifting
Wednesday: 2.2 miles (16 min), 30 min bike, 30 min elliptical
Thursday: 5.5 miles (35:30 min), core work
Friday: 6.06 miles (43 min)
Saturday: 5.6 miles (39 min), 75 min elliptical core work

Total Milage: 26.86, 4 x cross training, 3 x core work, 2 x weight lifting

Overall the week went really well; it has been really nice weather the last couple days so I have been able to get in good runs. I am also enjoying the change in running routes up here!

Now I’m off to help make shrimp scampi for dinner with roasted tomatoes and brussel sprouts and rice/quinoa. Yum, time to get started!


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