Christmas Recap!

Happy Boxing day! I’m not really celebrating but my mom and sister are still up in New York and ventured up to Woodbury Commons Outlets for the day. I put in a few requests 🙂


I hope everyone out there had a great Christmas. My morning started early. I set my alarm for 6:30 am so I could run before opening presents. It was 21 out and I am not a fan of the cold so I drove to the NYSC in New Rochelle that was open. The gym pass I was using works for all the NYSC, which was really nice since the local gym was closed. It was about a 15 minute drive each way due to traffic lights even though it’s only 4ish miles away. I got my run in and was back home by 8:20 am. I quickly showered and got ready for the day while my mom worked on getting my sister out of bed.

By 9 am we were opening presents and eating breakfast. I made myself some blueberry cinnamon overnight oats and everyone else ate baked French Toast. I wasn’t able to eat the french toast they were eating. I had a good morning, this year we had fewer gifts under the tree but that is because my mom had her engagement ring diamonds taken apart and made into three separate rings for she, my sister and I. My parents have been separated/divorced for almost 10 years now so it was cool to see my mom put the ring to use in a different way and something very special for my sister and I.
At 10 am Shane and I were off to make the trip back to his house. We met his dad along the way and I took one of their cars to drive to DC to see my dad’s family and he headed straight home to Dahlgren, VA. I made it to my cousins house around 2:30 pm. We did the whole present exchange there and chatted. It was nice to see everyone together. My Aunt spoiled me again and picked out a Louis Vuittion purse charm for my purse she got me for my birthday. Unfortunately the charm was pink and I am not a pink person but she had already put the gift receipt in the box incase I wanted to exchange it. She said because it was expensive that it would not hurt her feelings if I exchanged it she wanted me to love it, either way the gift was really thoughtful and generous!

I love these boxes :)
I love these boxes 🙂

I headed out from there at 4:30 when everyone was getting ready to sit down to eat. I had another 90 minute drive to Shane’s house still so I didn’t want it to get too late. The driving was pretty painless, no traffic, but a lot of car time for a holiday! It was really nice to see everyone though and I’m happy I made the effort to go from place to place.

I made it to Shane’s by 6 pm and his mom had dinner pretty much ready. We ate after I cooked my shrimp (she doesn’t like fish and really hates the smell). Post dinner we did yet another gift exchange! They had opened the majority of their presents when they got home earlier in the day but waited to open anything from me and of course to me. His family is very generous in their gifts to me and was fun to give them things they liked as well. I got his mom and Scout bag and apparently she had looked at some online just last week but wasn’t going to buy herself one! Major success on that present!

Once gifts were done we cleaned up the area, I put on my Christmas pajamas, and we put on 2 Guns. It wasn’t a great movie but it was entertaining. We had a relaxing evening from there with the fire place on and made popcorn and hot chocolate to enjoy.

It was a really great Christmas! It is always a little sad once it is over but I am excited for the New Year to come!

Did anyone else travel on Christmas day?

Or give to receive any amazing gifts?


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