Weekly Workouts #19

Wow, I cannot believe it is Sunday again! Christmas week flew by so fast! I guess all the traveling made it seem pretty short as well and the Holiday excitement. I would have posted this yesterday but I had a pretty busy day. I drove back from Shane’s house to Annapolis, got stuck in traffic due to an accident between two cars and a deer, still had to run once I got home and had a TON of unpacking to do since I hadn’t been home in two full weeks, and had a babysitting job at 6 pm. The afternoon went by very fast.

Today, I am headed back to Dahlgren in the early afternoon, after running with the twins from high school, to stay a couple more days with Shane and his family. It is nice to relax with him after all the hustle and bustle of Christmas and New York. We will have a pretty low key New Years I believe, as well.

So onto my runnings and workouts from last week! I am still increasing my milage pretty slowly but have been feeling really good and running a good pace; it shows my cross training has paid off and kept me in as great a shape as when I stopped to take a few weeks off for my health.

Weekly Workouts:

Sunday: off – walked around NYC all day… tired feet!

Monday: 3.5 miles (25:00), 75 minutes elliptical core work

Tuesday: 75 minutes elliptical, pilates mat class (super sore core after!)

Wednesday: 5.2 miles (37:00) -on the treadmill :/ @ 1.0 incline, core work

Thursday: 6.5 mile run (45:20), 2.5 mile run (18:10), weight lifting

Friday: 7.1 miles (50:00), core work

Saturday: 5.26 miles (36:30), 35 minutes bike, 30 minutes elliptical

Milage: 30.06, 3 x cross training, 3 x core work, 1 x weight lifting, 1 pilates class

Thoughts: Overall the week went really well, it was a lot busier than usual with the Holiday but that is okay 🙂 I had a fun week too! The weather was really nice towards the end of the week, which was great for running! I did mean to get in another lifting session but failed at that, so next week!

I can tell my mood has greatly lifted as my running increases and I feel healthy. It makes such a difference; I really do love this sport and hope I have a good track season! I cannot believe I am already halfway through Christmas break; I’ll be back in New Orleans before I know it.


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