Weekly Workouts #20 & break coming to an end

Another week come and gone! I hope everyone had a good one and are enjoying the new year so far. Hopefully, everyone is happy about their past year and look forward to all that the new year may bring. I hope to continue to challenge myself in healthy ways and be the best I can be.
Yesterday was Shane’s last day before having to go back to school at 8 pm for reform. So I wanted to spend as much time with him as I could throughout the day. I headed to the gym early with my mom to do my cross training and then we had breakfast and spent the morning hanging out and getting his stuff together. I helped him carry all his bags back to his room before going to sushi for lunch with my friend Ron and Gabby (Gabby is my age, a friend from high school/middle school). Shane got his stuff into his room and worked out while I was at lunch. We both finished up at the same time which was perfect and headed to Trader Joe’s to pick up a few groceries and a asian noodle salad he loves for his lunch since he had just finished his workout and was hungryyy. We also picked up Starbucks before heading back to my house. We spent the afternoon just doing little activities: we set up my desktop with a new monitor, built mini snow men in the fresh powder, he ordered new running shoes, I ordered some musili from Mix my Own, and made plans to get sushi for dinner with his friend from school. Yes, a great day- I had sushi for lunch and dinner! πŸ™‚ After sushi Shane and his friend Drew needed to get back to school in time so I had them drop my off at the gym so I could get a bit of running in for the day. I put it off to spend the afternoon with Shane and don’t regret that at all but treadmill running can be boring! I did 3.75 miles in 27 minutes… should have gone for 4 but oh well, I hit what I needed to for the week. My mom was picking me up after his dinner date so that’s how the timing worked out. I was then able to convince my mom to take me to Sweet Frog for a froyo dessert as my post run fuel/dessert. By the time we made it home from there it was already close to 9 pm so we put on some CSI and relaxed until bedtime. A pretty good day if you ask me: sushi twice, time with shane, two good workouts, and frozen yogurt! I didn’t take pictures of the eats though :/ next time!

first snow in awhile, Shane put a snowball on my head
first snow in awhile, Shane put a snowball on my head

building a snowman
building a snowman
Shane and my snowman/woman
Shane and my snowman/woman

I had an overall good week of workouts and running and pretty good weather to start out the week as well. I was in Dahlgren Sunday to Tuesday and then came back to Annapolis Tuesday afternoon to finish out the week. I knew snow was in the weather forecast for Thursday night so I got in more miles earlier in the week while it was warmer out. We ended up getting 5-6 inches of snow, more than forecasted, and the high was 20 degrees on Friday… not my kind of weather. I was frozen coming back from runs in the mid 30s, it’s a problem. I’ll admit I am a whimp when it comes to the cold weather but in my defense I have poor blood circulation so my hands and feed go numb very easily and my body doesn’t warm itself very easily. But onto my workout recap!

Sunday: 6.15 miles, 75 minutes ellipical
Monday: 7.8 miles , core work, lifting
Tuesday: 3.66 miles, 75 minutes elliptical
Wednesday: 8.08 miles, core work
Thursday: 7.2 miles, lifting, yoga class
Friday: 3.75 miles, core work, 75 minutes elliptical
Saturday: 90 minutes elliptical

Total Milage: 35.64 mi, 4 x cross training, 3 x core work, 2 x weight lifting, 1 x yoga

It feels so good to get my running back up, I cannot say that enough! I can’t wait to get back to school and have my teammates to run with and the New Orleans weather. Running defines me and makes me who I am. Unfortunately next week is going to be really cold here in Maryland so we’ll see how that goes :/ I was also able to run with my twin friends from high school twice last week which was also really nice to have some company. Plus, I tend to run a little too fast when I run alone so running with partners makes me slow down a little and give my legs a break otherwise I run around 6:50 pace every day and end with miles 6:40 and faster… not always necessary especially when coming back from an injury and sickness but it also shows all my cardio has kept me in awesome shape and not taken away my speed! Wooo.

I love the excitement of returning to run, for me it reignited the love of the sport a little bit πŸ™‚ Have a good rest of the weekend!


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