Thinking out Loud #1

Hello, hello I always love these posts and finally decided to join in! I always have such random things going through my head so I might as well put it all down into one post, right? Perfect concept Amanda @ Running with spoons, thanks for the link up!


  1. I had dinner with my dad last night… first time I’ve seen him since summer really, I saw him once while I was home for Thanksgiving but we were with my entire family and didn’t say too much together. Dinner actually went well, no pictures, but I had a veggie and hummus plate plus some spicy shrimp and eggplant from Brio.
  2. I had a great 10 mile run (technically 10.2) on Sunday! My overall pace was 6:50, I did 3.1 on the treadmill then put on some extra layers and headed outside for the rest of the run. I felt great all day- I love LR days and being able to start adding them back in is great! Image
  3. After 6 years and a lot of wear and tear I finally replaced my beloved Coach Sneakers. I had been on the lookout for over a year now but did not want to pay full price for a new pair. But when the soles are starting to break and everything- it was time. I found a pair at Marshall’s last weekend for only $60. I was able to convince my mom to get them for me, since we was disgusted by my old pair.Image
  4. It is rough not having my car at home when it is so cold out! Tuesday the high was 18 and the feel temps were in the negatives all day long! I kept to running on the treadmill but since my mom was at work (she has a 75 minute commute each way) I attempted to drive Shane’s car. It is manual and I only drove manual for a month over 5 years ago… so safe to say it was rough but I made it to and from without any damage! I really want to get good at stick again, it is a good skill to have.Image(8 degrees at 10 am)
  5. I go back to school on Sunday 😦 but am then flying to New York a week from today (Thursday 1/16) for an interview in the city for an internship next summer! I am staying the entire long weekend and my mom will be there too so it’ll be fun! The internship would be a great opportunity so hopefully I get it!
  6. I was so bored on Monday being stuck at home I decided to walk to Starbucks to get my free coffee of the day in my travel mug, it was a balmy 40(ish) degrees out and only a 1.5 mile walk each way… killed some time and I wandered around the Safeway the Starbucks is located in.
  7. My boyfriend is amazing. 🙂 At USNA they do team orders for their XC/Track apparel, they don’t get a ton of gear like most colleges do. So he had ordered me a shirt but ordered a ton of other stuff for his family and himself. One of the items were really nice 1/4 zip jackets; I live in the 1/4 zip I have from Tulane, it is my favorite type of gear we get. So he hadn’t ordered me one but ordered 3 for: himself, his mom, and his dad. I was pretty upset because they are awesome looking but was half joking and knew I could always wear his, but he felt really bad because he knows how much I love the one I have. He ended up texting his entire team trying to buy one off of someone but of course no one wanted to give it away. On his first day back at school the guy that did the orders had a box that had extras and happened to have one more! He bought it right then and there for me and surprised me Friday night! Image
  8. Saturday I went to 918 F Street to the living social building for a peanut butter making class! It was a ton of fun, we made chocolate peanut butter and a smokey honey peanut butter. I gave Shane the smokey honey flavor and kept the chocolate for myself. I went with a friend from school, Frankie, who lives in Arlington, VA. Image
  9. Even though it is only 20 degrees or colder out I am still going to get frozen yogurt 🙂 Can’t help it! Nothing beats that for dessert if you ask me. Image
  10. This afternoon I am going to watch the Navy Winter Invitational Indoor Track meet at the Academy! I love watching track… in person, it is a short meet and Shane will be able to hangout with me for a little bit there hopefully once he is done with practice!

Thanks for reading/listening to my rambles and I love reading everyone else’s! Have a good Thursday; we’re almost to the weekend, unfortunately that means my break is basically over and I am back to school in a few days.


5 thoughts on “Thinking out Loud #1

  1. Definitely a good choice in keeping the chocolate PB for yourself 😉 Chocolate is just one of those things that I’m never eager to part with. And after 6 years, I’m pretty sure you were due for some new sneakers — good choice with those Coach ones!

    PS – I eat cold things when the weather is freezing, too. The other day I was sitting there munching on a bag of frozen blueberries… and then trying to warm up for about an hour after that 😆


    1. It was the first ever peanut butter making class they hosted and was awesome! Chocolate is my favorite, never can go wrong!

      I definitely got a full life out of those sneakers, they are super cute and easy to throw on with jeans and a t shirt, that’s why I love them! Plus they look a little better than my running shoes when out n about.

      I can’t help myself with the cold food, ill get my froyo get in the car with it and blast the heat on high and put my seat warmer on while I eat it. My mom thinks I’m crazy!


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