Weekly Workouts #21

Happy Weekend to everyone. This is my final recap of workouts from over winter break. I head back to school tomorrow on an afternoon flight. I welcome the warmer running weather but will miss being home with my mom and Shane. Luckily I will see my mom come Thursday and hopefully Shane Friday night too! He is trying to drive up to NY Friday night if he doesn’t have to be at practice Saturday since it is a long weekend. I am keeping my fingers crossed!!! Otherwise it is 5-6 weeks until his spring break when I will be able to see him next… not terrible but not the greatest either. August-Thanksgiving break was the longest stretch of the year so we are past the worst! Now onto my running and other workouts!

Sunday: 10.2 mile run (70 minutes) (3.1 on the treadmill)

Monday: 7.2 mi (49 min), core work, weight lifting

Tuesday: 4.1 mi (30 min-treadmill), 75 min elliptical, yoga class

Wednesday: 7.16 mi (50 min), core work, weight lifting

Thursday: 6.5 mi (45 min), yoga class

Friday: 5.61 (40 min- treadmill), core work, 45 min elliptical

Saturday: 75 min elliptical, 1.5 mi run (10:42), weight lifting

Total Milage: 42.27 miles, 2 x yoga, 3 x weight lifting, 3 x core work, 3 x cross training

Running this week has been really good, but a little more treadmill time than I would have liked. We had the negative feel temps on Tuesday and freezing rain Friday and downpours Saturday, plus other cold and wet days. Just kind of a nasty week weather wise as if you all didn’t know that already! Tomorrow I am back to school and will have a friend pick me up from the airport and we are going to meet our coach at the Alter G treadmills to get in a late long run before heading back to campus for dinner. Practice this semester is in the afternoon so a late run won’t hurt at all.

I was really happy to make it back to yoga twice this week too! The Thursday class was GREAT and the teacher told me afterwards that I have a strong yoga practice… always fun to hear things like that, kind of like when I get complimented on my running form. Always makes me feel good and proud of what I do.

So that is all I have to say tonight! I have an appointment when my doctor at school at 8 am Monday morning to hopefully get this iron FINALLY started! Hopefully it isn’t too painful 😦 drip iron Ivs… fun?

Anyone have them before? It is done in multiple injections and the first will start with some prednisone first before they start the iron to make sure there isn’t any adverse affects/reactions.


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