Thinking out Loud #2

I like random thoughts! So again I’m linking up with Amanda again for this Thursdays Thinking Out Loud post!


1. I’ve successfully only missed one free coffee from Starbucks so far this January. Which means now that it is the 16th I’ve fully paid off the travel mug Shane got me for Christmas.

photo 1

2.Today I am heading to NY for the weekend and get to see my mom and Shane! I land at 10 pm tonight. Later than I had wanted but there are no nonstops from New Orleans to Laguardia and I didn’t want to miss class during the first week.

3. I’ve made plans to meet up with a teammate that graduated last year in NYC and am so excited! I haven’t seen her since last spring before I left for summer vacation. She now attends PT school at Columbia and our plans are to run in the city.

4. One of my roommates (apartment mates) got a Nespresso over the holidays. I love those! My dad has one but they are pricey so it is nice to be able to use hers for the remainder of the year.

photo 2

5. I have thought 50 degrees is cold here when last week it was in the negatives at home… yes I’m crazy I should think it is a heat wave being 50 but I like my actually warm NOLA weather(come back please)!

6. It is so nice to be able to go back to practice and have other girls to run with everyday! It makes all the runs go by so fast and effortlessly… apparently one of my teammates said I killed the pace afterwards though, ops.

7. Having a container of chocolate covered… everything in my room is dangerous. I have been grabbing a handful almost every time I’m in my room. In the mix is chocolate covered almonds, cashews, expresso beans, caramels, and peanut butter balls… yes everything!


8. I finally purchased a Tulane spirit jersey yesterday that I have wanted for months now! The color options were white and mint but only the mint had XS plus it is super cute.

photo 3

9. I went to the dining hall twice this week for dinner and since it is a short week for me at school I consider this a huge success in my usage of my meal plan. I also did my “grocery shopping” on campus, even though it is majorly over priced my meal plan money called wavebucks are use it or lose it at the end of the year and I have way too many since they rolled over from the fall.

10. I’ve also already gone to yogurtland twice since I have been back 🙂 I wasn’t thrilled by the flavor choices but any type of frozen yogurt tastes good to me. I stuck to some classics- dutch chocolate, red velvet cake batter, and cupcake batter.IMG_0439

11. I purchased my first king cake of carnival season today! I’m taking it to New York with my this afternoon for my family to enjoy. Traditional flavor or course and  a mini one for my friend who I am running with.


There are my thoughts as of lately 🙂 Have a good Thursday and share any ramblings that you might be having.


2 thoughts on “Thinking out Loud #2

  1. I can definitely relate to it being super dangerous to have a box/bag/bowl/container of delicious treats lying around — I’ve been dealing with that kind of thing since Christmas and I can’t help but grab a bite every time I walk past. It’s especially horrible since I work from home and am basically within 5 ft. of my kitchen at all times 😆 Gotta get some extra comfort in there when things are so dark and cold during the winter, though!


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