Weekly Workouts #24 & My Arm Burner

Weekly Workouts- keeping it plain and simple with this post and recapping my workouts and running from the week. Here you go! It was a good one 🙂

Sunday: (New York) 7.0 mi (50 min) on a treadmill at 1.0 incline, a 55 min vinyassa flow yoga class

Monday: (travel day) 6.5 mi (44 min), core work

Tuesday: 7.5 mi (50 min), with 6x100m strides, 75 min elliptical

Wednesday: 7.04 mi (47:30), core work, weight lifting, 30 min bike

I did this workout (I do this when I list on my own and use weights anywhere from 10-25 lbs)


Thursday: 9.1 mi (7.0 + 2.1) double run (64 min total), weight lifting

This was my first real track workout in ages (since mid xc season?) and one that I did well too. We did 4 x 800/300m on the track with 200m after the 800m and 300m after the 300m but all continuous like a fartlek. It took me roughly 25 minutes to run 4.2ish miles (jogging/steady pace running happened in lane 8 adding distance) I ran the first rep with a teammate of mine also training for long distance and our coach set us out in 94s(per lap) for the 800 and 60s for the 300. From there I was on my own and speed up- on my next two sets I hit 85s for the 800s and kept at 60s for the 300s. On the last set I hit 82s and 58s for the 300. Overall it was a great workout and i’m glad it did not feel too hard being so long without rest since my iron is still low.

Friday: 7.01 mi (50 min) -It was hailing while I ran on this morning, in New Orleans!

Saturday: core work, 9.45 mi (63 min)

Total Milage: 53.6 miles, 2x weight lifting, 3 x core work, 1 x yoga


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