Thoughts for Thursday #4

Ready for some rambles? Cause I am! Thanks Amanda for another edition of Thinking out Loud!


1. On Wednesday morning I booked a flight home for President’s Day weekend, which also happens to be Valentine’s Day!! My first Valentines with Shane! My coach will be traveling to a meet that weekend so I decided I would take advantage of the long weekend. My dad had enough miles for one day and I had enough to cover the other way. I am so excited! Only two weeks from today 🙂 since I don’t have Friday classes either.

2. We had TWO snow days in New Orleans this week! Granted we didn’t actually get any snow just some sleet/freezing rain but I’ll take the days off and since the no Friday class situation that means I only had class two days this week… is this real life? I better not get used to it since I am only a junior!

3. The days off school did not mean days off running… and it is cold, cold, cold! Tuesday morning I was up at 5:30 to meet my coach to run on the Alter G at 6am. We were the first group to go run out there but on Wednesday (the coldest of days) we had practice.

4. It is supposed to get back into the 70s this weekend- after the feel temps were in the teens yesterday! Crazy weather we get down here.

5. The yoga classes at my school gym that I was going to go to on Tuesday and then on Wednesday were both cancelled due to the weather.

6. I finally broke down and ordered some cute leggings from White Plum after wanting them for months! So excited for them to come! I picked the Navy Santa Fe, Desert Aztec, and Skull and Spade leggings.

7. I made a barley and mixed veggie salad this weekend that I have been eating pretty much everyday; gotta love having food ready to eat.


8. My mom got me these fleece lined leggings at Marshall’s in New York for $5.99 and they have come in handy this week! So warm!


9. I won a giveaway from Jessie @ Jessieloves2run for 6 months of fitbook, which I started yesterday, it is hard to track everything at first but it will be good to know and make sure I am meeting all my nutritional needs with my running.

10. I have 3 tests next week! Going to make for a rough weekend/week. I hate how everything always lands on the same couple of days at school so I have already started to fill out study guides so I am ready.

Those are my thoughts, can’t wait to read everyone else’s too!


One thought on “Thoughts for Thursday #4

  1. I always get kind of jealous whenever I hear about people getting snow days. I’m from Alberta and I don’t think we’ve ever had a snow day… even if that meant going to school/work when it was -40 outside 😕

    Good luck with your studies! It’s crazy when they all pile up that way, but it feels so good to get them all done 😀


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