WIAW #18: My Tuesday schedule

Hi and happy Wednesday! As I type this up i’m studying for my first Health and Wellness exam so hopefully my eats from Tuesday are pretty balanced. We have learned all about the basics of a healthy diet- ie carbs, fats, and proteins plus vitamins and minerals, micro and macro nutrients, how to use myplate to create a healthy diet and are now getting into how our diet affects our health. All of this is pretty familiar to me, especially the health and diet connection since we went over a bunch of GI problems you can have and things like acid reflux as well, which either I have or other members of my family have. Hopefully this first test goes well I am feeling good about it! This is at 6 pm tonight so after practice this afternoon will be some last minute reviewing and then my first set of exams for the semester is over and I can relax and enjoy my weekend home!

Speaking of my trip home I am a little nervous about my flight being delayed or cancelled with all this winter weather being forecasted so I am keeping my fingers crossed I make it home with no change in plans, my flight is direct which will help.

Well here are my eats from Tuesday!

<a href=”http://www.peasandcrayons.com/&#8221; target=”_blank”><img border=”0″ src=”http://i1065.photobucket.com/albums/u395/plaughlin1/wiawloveyourveggiesmonthbutton2.jpg&#8221; /></a></center>

7:15 am- I woke up, started the coffee pot, grabbed a couple of sweet potato and cinnamon crackers (later pictured) and headed to the gym to do 30 min on the elliptical and some weights and core.

8:30 am- back in my room, first I go for the coffee and then have a new flavor of greek yogurt- raspberry lime with some added vanilla protein powder and muesli, the last of my blueberries, a banana with Trader Joe’s cookie butter (unpictured) and some handfulls of trail mix (the indulgent trail mix from Trader Joe’s minus the raisins)


9:30-12:15 pm- I have two classes, each 75 minutes long. I took more coffee to my first class and ate a mini snickers in the second class. After class I called my mom while making the 10 min walk back towards my room. I stopped at housing to drop of my paperwork to live on campus next year and bought some pretzels at the mini market.

12:35 pm- Back in room and hungry for lunch! I had a workout in the books for practice so I wanted to keep it filling but not too heavy feeling so it was sorta a snack plate kind of lunch. I decided on half a baked sweet potato with crunchy almond butter, broccolini, carrots (tried one with peanut butter… not a fan) and then some  (lots of) sweet potato and cinnamon crackers with peanut butter and multiple hand fulls of trail mix and some chocolate covered pretzels… a few too many of both :/

IMG_1379 IMG_1380IMG_1381IMG_1313

1:30 pm- To the training room for my rehab

2:15 pm- On the bus to practice. We usually make it to the track around 2:40 and wait for coach to get there to tell us our workout before we start to warm up. Today I had a workout on my own, a 4k tempo run on the track. It was cold, rainy, and windy so this was a little rough. We warmed up for 12 minutes and then stretched. I started with 2×200 m strides before starting my 10 lap tempo. Coach told me to start at 6:15 pace for the first 800m and then cut down from there but I went out a little fast (85seconds for 400m) and he told me to keep it there if that felt okay. I ended up running the rest of the 9 laps at 87-88 pace. I always run the first lap a little fast with the start so I was happy I could keep the pace down. (That is roughly a 5:47 mile pace) I ended the 4k with an overall 14:40. I am definitely happy with that as a tempo run under the weather conditions but the second half of that was ROUGH! I was really regretting the last couple handfulls of trail mix but luckily kept it down. It was nice to be done with one rep and able to cooldown from there.

4:15 pm- Everyone else was done by this time and we got on the bus back to school making it back around 4:40 where I went to pick up some medicine in the mail and head back to my room to shower since at this point I was wet and cold! I made myself a hot cup of green tea when I got out of the shower.

5:30 pm- Meet two teammates at the parking garage to head to Dat Dog for fancy  hot dogs. I got the veggie dog (obviously) and the thing about this place is you can get whatever toppings you want so I go all out! I had hummus, guacamole, tomatoes, onions, asian slaw, and crawfish etuffe. The bun is nice and fluffy too.


6:30 pm- Back in my room to work on some homework and studying and start typing up this post.

7:30 pm- Still a bit hungry since that dinner was just a hot dog (they are big but still) I didn’t want to leave my room since it is cold and rainy out so some snacks/dessert it was 🙂 Yes, I probably could have used a vegetable or fruit more for the day but ya know everyday isn’t perfect. I also had some spoonfuls of peanut butter too (while watching Chopped) because you can never go wrong with that!

ate like half the bag of this.. too good!
ate like half the bag of this.. too good! – the bag is half gone after just opening it
half cookies n cream artic zero, half chocolate caramel brown frozen yogurt with crushed milk chocolate munch mix from The Fresh Market on top
half cookies n cream artic zero, half chocolate caramel brown frozen yogurt with crushed milk chocolate munch mix from The Fresh Market on top

My fridge is also pretty bare of fresh stuff at this point since I am leaving on Thursday and will be gone until Monday night so today and tomorrow is probably be more dining hall meals/ food court than usual and dinner our for a teammates birthday tonight!

Have a good Wednesday! I hope you enjoyed a peak into my Tuesday and what I ate.


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