Thinking Out Loud #6

I know I am a little late to the game today for Amanda’s Thinking Out Loud but it has been a long one, let me tell you!This leads me to my first thought/complaint/stressor.


1.I’m sure you all are either experiencing this Storm Pax or know people who are and it has caused me a lot of problems today. I have been so so so excited to go home the last couple weeks ever since I booked my flight and then this storm has to hit the day i’m flying home! My flight tonight was cancelled but some other random flights that were not direct were still scheduled to land (weird but okay) so I switched to one that transferred in Nashville and got in later but then an hour later that flight was cancelled! So now I had to schedule my flight for tomorrow and between them being sold out and when I could get picked up I don’t land until 9:20 pm.

2. My mom felt bad because she told me she couldn’t get me for the flight that landed at 10 am and didn’t realize it was that or 9:20 pm so she offered to pick up sushi for dinner (atleast it’ll be 8:20 central time so dinner won’t seem too late). because the New Orleans airport has minimal options for food in the Southwest terminal.

3. I lost my ride to the airport this afternoon and basically my whole team is traveling this weekend (3 different meets) so finding a ride on a Friday afternoon is hard. All my non-athlete friends either are going to happy hour or don’t have cars.

4. Roommate #struggles again. My roommates baked cookie bars last week and finished them off this weekend (granted it bothers me they leave food and baked goods in the pans out on the counter to begin with) and used my 9×9 pan. Finally on Tuesday morning after they had been finished for 2ish days I asked the roommate that baked them to wash my pan and she was okay sure i’ll do it when I get back later (it was 1230 pm when I asked she didn’t have practice until 2pm) and now it is two full days later and the pan is STILL in the sink. So yesterday I was making some stuff and decided to leave all my dishes in the sink until it bothers them… yes I admit that is kind of childish but I am fed up, I have washed my dishes that they use multiple times and I even asked her to clean it already. I don’t mind if they use my stuff as long as they clean it and put it away and not to mention its just gross to leave stuff in the kitchen dirty for days on end.


5. I had my last test for awhile last night! WOOOO, I think I did pretty well too, at least I hope so 🙂 now I just have papers and project proposals to work on the next couple weeks for assignments.

6. Since I am done class for this week it is only two more weeks until Spring Break/Mardi Gras break! Crazyyy. I also found out after our Conference meet the first weekend of spring break we do have to stay and practice through the week off but I am not too bummed since it is Mardi Gras which is fun, we get perdiem (monday for food each day), it’ll be semi warm (hopefully), and Shane has his break the next week so he will visit.

7. I treated myself to frozen yogurt with my friend Sydney this afternoon after my frustrating morning. She said she had a rough week too and needed it!


8. I ordered a Jawbone UP over the weekend and got it in the mail yesterday! It was my Valentine’s Day present from my mom. The reason I choose this one over the Fitbit Force is because the sleep tracker got much better reviews and I am really interested in how I am sleeping…

9. Last night I slept TERRIBLY! I’m not sure if I was worried about my flight or what. I did get into bed a bit later than usual because the team all went out to eat after our night classes, so we didn’t get to the place until 9pm, for a teammates birthday but even once I got in bed around 10:45ish I just could not fall asleep. Then around 11:45 I got some text messages that were also irritating, my phone just kept vibrating on my desk so I finally turned the vibrate off.


10. Now that I have ranted a bit I’m going to try and let it go! Work on a paper I have to do that is due Monday and later eat my dinner that I picked up from the food court. It’s a “bare (in a bowl)” from baja fresh with grilled shrimp… so really I just got lettuce (they skimped on that), rice, black beans, grilled veggies and onions, salsa, shrimp and guacamole.


I’m also turning into bed EARLY tonight! Have a good afternoon!


6 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #6

  1. Ahh I can totally relate with your roommate story! I have been really annoyed with one of mine, because she is OCD she is always moving my things around!


    1. its an aspect of my jawbone, I press the button when I go to bed and it tracks it, if I forget it will automatically switch once it realizes you aren’t moving for an extended period of time too it says but I just got it so I’m not sure how that works, but the sleep tracking is really cool! and then I plug it into my phone to sync the band it loads into the app for it


      1. Ohhh okay! Sometimes I wish I had a device like that to track my sleep. I have an app on my phone but I’m always knocking it off my bed or something.


  2. I had a goofy night last night as well. I lay down at a normal time, but ended up tossing and turning before falling asleep for something like 10 minutes and tossing and turning again. I thought I was going to be a zombie today, but so far so good! I have a feeling it’s going to catch up with me in about an hour though and I’m going to end up passing out around 8:30 😆


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