Thinking Out Loud #7

This week if just flying by! I can’t believe it is already Thursday, my last day of class for the week and only one more 4 day week before Spring/Mardi Gras break begins! So crazy! Here are my thoughts to link up with Amanda.


1. Only 8 days until I run my first and only indoor race of the season! Woooo. It has been really nice to get miles in and not pound my body on an indoor track. I run the 5k next week at 5pm and am so excited to start racing again. I just wish it were cross country the scenery is so much better than track and especially indoor track.

2.The weather has been awesome since I got back to school. Yesterday was 80 degrees! I got a little sun burn/pink on my back during practice. It is time to embrace the sports bra and spandex tan lines that come with outdoor track.

3. Shane booked his flight to visit for his spring break! Yay only 15 days from today I will see him again! Then it will be a longer haul until summer but so far it has been great. This is the most I’ve seen him during spring semester/any semester of college.

4. I am dog sitting over my spring break and am so excited about this. We have to stay for track anyways so it will be nice to get off campus and maybe feel like I am away from school a little bit. Having access to full kitchen, my own laundry, and house is nice too. They also live 3 blocks from Starbucks.

5. I am loving my jawbone. The sleep tracker is great and I am going to try and notice trends in the nights I sleep better/worse and hopefully get more restfull nights of sleep.


6. I won a giveaway from Hillary at Nutrition Nut on the Run for Forte Gelato and picked it up yesterday right before practice. Could not have been a better day with the heat and a track workout and I finished up the last of my grocery store bought frozen yogurt- Kemps chocolate caramel brownie (pretty good).

photo 1

7. My mom picked me up the cookies n cream quest bars before I got home and I had one before practice yesterday and it is so good! Up there for my favorite flavor along with the white chocolate raspberry. I’m a big fan of these bars because many of the healthy bars have dried fruit mixed in which I cannot eat.

photo 2

8. After failing at getting the camo lulu shorts before they sold out I did manage to snag the flow y bra and a headband. I am so excited, I love camo and country music 🙂

9. I got a 97% on my nutrition test last week! Woooo. Just got to keep that up the rest of the semester. I got a 91% on my stress management the week before too so those two grades made up for my bad environmental anthropology grade. I’ve yet to get back my other test from two weeks ago… It’s a 40 people class and the test had 4 short answer and 2 essays. I don’t feel bad for her grading though because she did it to herself by making that the format.

10. I have been addicted to chocolate and/or peanut butter pretzels for the last couple weeks. I’ve bought so many at school and whole foods and then while I was home Shane and I made chocolate covered pretzel rods (and chocolate covered strawberries)… Yum, I want more now.

IMG_1403 IMG_1401

11. Our dorm fire alarm went off at 10:30 last night… it also went off last week and we had to wait outside for 30 min. I realllyy hate the fire alarm it always goes off after I’m asleep!

So there are my random thoughts for the week! So happy to be starting my weekend today with a little bit cooler weather but still high 60s with a few days of rain in there.

If anyone reading this snagged the lulu lemon camo shorts I am very jealous!


4 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #7

  1. I am totally with you on the quest bar flavors those are my top two without a doubt! And the fire alarms! I have horror stories from Freshmen year, every Thursday it would go off around 2 or 3 am, even in the winter it was torture!


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