Weekly Workouts #28 and Mardi Gras begins

Better late than never right? I had a busy but fun day! It started this morning with a ROTC fundraiser 5k for our unit at Tulane. The race started at 9 am so I met my other teammates at 8:15 am to jog over to the back side of Audubon Park where it started. We headed over a bit early but just chatted until the run started. We all took it easy and had fun. I came in first place for females and my teammate came in second. The two boys from the cross country team came in first and second too and a sprinter/mid distance runner came in fifth overall. It was a fun race and well organized and went to a good cause since we are all friends with a lot of the ROTC boys and one used to be on the team.

By the time we got our medals and made it back to campus it was already 10:30 am. I had turned the coffee pot on before I left so it was brewed and hot when I got back to my room. I also had a new to me caramel flavor of greek yogurt that I added muesli, multi-grain cheerios, mini chocolate chips, and silk milk to it. It was really good! I also had grapes, trail mix, some crackers and almond butter.

photo 1

I spent the rest of the morning putting away laundry, chatting with my mom, and cleaning my room.

At 1 pm i met up with a teammate to head down St. Charles to watch some of the parades going on, my first ones of the year. It was a beautiful day. We stopped for some Yogurtland on our way back to campus too.

photo 2 photo 3

It was already 5 pm by the time we made it back and I have a lot of work to get done this weekend. I also decided to cook a bunch of veggies I had in my fridge. I roasted cauliflower, asparagus, mushrooms, carrots and sweet potato wedges. Then I used up the rest of my lettuce in the fridge and sauteed a piece of tilapia to have with my veggies and had half an avocado on top too. I also had two pieces of king cake for dessert that were in my fridge. I can’t get enough of it during carnival season! It is everywhere.



Sunday: 8.5 mi (57 min)

Monday: 2.0 mi (14 min), 75 min elliptical, core work

Tuesday: 7.66 mi (52 min), weight lifting

Wednesday: 3 mi progressive run (18:17 min), total of 7.7 mi (52 min), weight lifting, core work

Thursday: 7.52 mi (52 min), 45 min elliptical

Friday: 10.05 mi alter g run (65 min), core work, weight lifting

Saturday: 5k total of 7.75 mi (55 min), core work, 3 mi walk to and from parades

Total Milage: 51.18, 4 x core work (plus #corecommit), 3 x weight lifting, 2 x cross training

Only another 6 days until my first and only indoor race of the season. I am starting to get super nervous so we’ll see how it goes!


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