Weekly Workouts #29

Hi! It is officially spring break for me! The last class I went to was Wednesday night but it didn’t really feel like break with my race yesterday. I was a little stressed out but for different reasons than school. Another note on school… this timing of break sucks! I had two tests the week after spring break (Tuesday & Thursday) and then two more tests the next week (Monday & Wednsday), so not cool teachers. Shane is also here the week after my break since his break is that week, which means i’ll have to do some studying on two of the nights he is here. I’m going to try and make study guides before he comes so I just have to review when Shane is here.

Onto my race and workouts!

Sunday: 75 min elliptical, weights (plus core)

Monday: 9.5 mi alter g run(62 min), core work

Tuesday: 7.37 mi (51 min)- track workout 3 x 800/300m with 200/300 m job in between so the workout was continuous

Wednesday: 9.25 mi (60 min), core work

Thursday: 3.0 mi (22 min) shake out run and 2 x 200 m strides on the track, 45 min walking around Birmingham after we got off the bus (6 hour ride) fresh air was needed!

Friday: 5k race- 17:13.05 (5:33 pace)plus 45 minutes of running warm up/cool down/shake (roughly 6 mi), core work My race went really well! There was only one heat and I stuck towards the front for the majority of the race. There was one girl who is really fast and was just out there to win so when she picked it up I knew not to necessarily go with her because I would burn out. I was really happy with my race and so was my coach. I came in 8th place and scored a point for my team and considering the fact I haven’t raced since November and haven’t been completely healthy since last year it was awesome.

Saturday: 6.5 mi easy run- my calves are SO sore since I haven’t worn spikes on the track in a full year! I’m sure I’m going to feel even more tight after the 6 hour bus ride back to school tonight.

Total Milage: 44.72 mi, 1 x cross training (pus walking), 3 x core work, lots of stretching!

February miles: 215 miles
2014 miles: 430 miles

I am very happy with how I did and happy to be able to relax today, I love having the first race of a meet! I am a little concerned about my computer though because the battery keeps dying when I close it fully charged so I will need to hit up the mac store when I get back to school but I hope I am able to watch movies during the bus ride tonight.

Have a good weekend!


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