Thinking Out Loud #8

Does anyone else have to look back every week to check what number link up they are on? I always have to and when I try and guess I am usually wrong and have to change it. Well thanks Amanda for Thinking Out Loud I am back this week.

1. I started to get sick Tuesday night while babysitting and I really hate whoever I got the germs from, mostly because I have no idea where it came from! Another teammate that was with me for a decent portion of Tuesday also got the same symptoms on the same night so we must have touched or breathed something. Neither of us were sick before and it started with a really sore throat (I thought I was having an allergic reaction to something I ate because the onset of my throat basically completely closing up happened so fast) and then the next morning was a headache, runny nose, heavy head feeling. I got some medicine Wednesday morning from the training room but still feel awful!
2. A teammate I also spent most of Tuesday with also got the same symptoms at the same time Tuesday night so it must have been our shopping cart in Target or the handles of the machines at the frozen yogurt place we went too that got us sick.
3. I signed up to work basketball games both Wednesday and Thursday and luckily was given the shift that gets off at halftime last night so I could head home early!
4. I found gingerbread granola at whole foods and can’t wait to try it!
5. King cake season has finally come to an end and I was definitely ready for it. I ate A LOT of king cake over the past couple of weeks and it is in no way good for you.
6. I was bored on the bus ride back from Alabama on Saturday night and bombarded Shane with old embarrassing pictures of myself… here are a few.



7. I grabbed a roll of cinnamon mentos to take to work with me last night and I guess I dropped them walking out to my car and didn’t realize until I got home and noticed I had mentos road kill. It was very sad. I love cinnamon mentos but have a hard time finding them so Shane bought me a box of them for Valentine’s Day.
8. I have never had Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter and just received my first Iherb purchase with a jar of it as well as some peanut flour… way too expensive so I hope it is good! I also have Shane bringing me a jar of Trader Joe’s creamy almond butter… I needed a restock I was down to only one unopened jar of nut butter (and 3 open ones).
9. Break is going by way too fast and it doesn’t even feel like a break. From traveling for a race, having practice everyday, and a paper to write and two exams next week I have not had any real time to relax.
10. My teammate and I managed to get coconuts at the Zulu parade on Mardi Gras day. Coconuts at this parade are the special ‘throw’ the people in the parade decorate them and give them out in addition to beads. Shoes are the special thing at the Muses parade but I haven’t been in town the last two years to go to the parade 😦

it was very cold and rainy during the parade so we look awful but so worth it
it was very cold and rainy during the parade so we look awful but so worth it

11. SHANE COMES TO NEW ORLEANS TOMORROW! I am so excited. I love when he visits or just to see him. The weather is supposed to be really nice while he is in town so we will be able to do things outside and enjoy lots of good food! I might also be racing tomorrow if my flu like symptoms magically disappear but we will see… I don’t think it is worth it because it is a small meet, not very competitive, but ultimately it is whatever my coach wants.

Thanks for listening to my rambles. I am going to finish my cup of hot tea and go to bed early now (typing this Wednesday night).


One thought on “Thinking Out Loud #8

  1. Ack! Say no to the plague! And getting sick from a froyo handle? That kind of thing should be illegal. Hope you feel better soon!

    PS – Justin’s vanilla AB is -amazing- and definitely worth the price. If you ever come across the maple one, pick it up — I think I may like it even more.


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