Thinking Out Loud #9

Thursday… Good Afternoon. Better late than never right? Today… more so this week, have been crazy busy but also (mostly fun). Let me being with my updates and randomness for this Thinking Out Loud with Amanda.


1. This post is going up super late on Thursday… I had two tests this morning back to back and unfortunately I think both only went okay. For the first one I studied a ton but the study guide he gave us was only about half the test and the other half was not on the study guide and so much of the stuff I studied wasn’t even on the test. Also for that test the professor wasn’t even here this week! No class Tuesday and we had a sub for the test today. My second test was just a LOT of writing in a short amount of time and there was one question I really wasn’t sure about.

2. I also have two more tests and a paper next week sooo let the fun begin! I am meeting a classmate/teammate to fill out the study guide for our Monday test in a little bit.

3. On a happier note- the weather has been great! It poured rain on Tuesday morning and I got soaked going to class but otherwise it has been warm and not too humid every other day. Perfect running weather.

4. Shane and I went to my favorite popcorn store (Popcorn Bistro) in the mall yesterday after chiropractor visits and I got the same that I got last time after trying quite a few new flavors, it was birthday cake and zebra for me.

photo 2

5. Shane left today 😦 He had a 1:25 flight so he got a cab to pick him up, I finished my second test early and through I would make it back in time to say one last goodbye but the cab was early… it was a great week with him though and we had a ton of fun! Something funny about the cab… he had the same driver that picked him up last year when he visited for spring break! So random!

after sushi- he wanted to wear his k mart hawaiian shirt
after sushi- he wanted to wear his k mart hawaiian shirt
cute notes :)
cute notes 🙂

6. I am finally feeling completely better after getting sick last week, I still have a couple days of my antibiotic left that I will obviously finish so it doesn’t come back.

7. We ate a LOT of good food while Shane was here, at a lot of my favorite places and things unique here- beignets, do’sants, rum house tacos, my favorite sushi place, Shane got raising caines and popeyes (chicken for him not me), dessert at sucre and creole creamery… I need to give my wallet a break (we pretty much split food costs at this point) for a few weeks and save my work money.


8. My valentine’s present from Shane was super late arriving (took 3 weeks once shipped) so he brought it to me this trip and I LOVE IT. He said he saw a girl at a track meet wearing it and asked her where she got it.

anchor ring
anchor ring

9. My mom had a business trip Tuesday to SC and on her way home from the airport got into a car accident 😦 she is okay but her car is in the shop. She said it was totally her fault she hit the back of a pickup truck, which had no damage luckily for our insurance, but her car was really damaged.

10. Shane ordered me a Callahan Rangers jersey (the captain) after he was traded since they were then half price and that is my last name. Pretty cool!

photo 1

11. I have a big news to share on my future but am going to keep it quite for another week or two. I don’t want the info getting around before I tell the people I need too but I am really excited about my choices and cannot wait for my plan to hopefully play out.

Have a great Thursday! I’m going to get myself to do some work now.


3 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #9

  1. That anchor ring is seriously the sweetest thing. And birthday cake popcorn? Uhm… how have I never heard of this!? Glad to hear that you’re feeling better and that your mom is okay after the accident — that kind of thing can definitely be scary.


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