Weekly Workouts #31

Hello, hope your weekend has started off well! I felt like yesterday was a long day but I got a lot done! My long run, my laundry, washed my sheets, vacuumed my floor, organized some of my food, cleaned out my fridge, and took our the recycle. Plus after a friend finished up a presentation we went to Yogurtland and they had Irish Mint Creme for St. Patrick’s Day!


Today, so far, I have also been pretty productive. I made pancakes (pb and chocolate protein pancakes) with extras to have this week and I went to the grocery store and picked up some fresh produce since I ate out so much last week and wasn’t staying in my dorm too much. Now that I have also run and lifted knocking out a paper for my Approach to Sustainable Development class is on the agenda for this afternoon. I also ordered 3 more jars of peanut butter/almond butter on amazon… ops :/ I think my stash is fully restocked, I have 3 open jars and once my package arrives will have 6 closed jars… yes fully stocked I am.


lemon chobani, spicy avocado hummus, red lettuce, brussel sprouts, ICE lemonade, mini chocolate chips, mixed berries
lemon chobani, spicy avocado hummus, red lettuce, brussel sprouts, ICE lemonade, mini chocolate chips, mixed berries

This week workout wise was still a little light (not much) compared to the weeks leading up to conference, I was feeling a little tired mid week and was busy with Shane being here so some runs were a little short but not too big a deal. Here is how it all went-

Sunday: 7.27 mi alter g run, 30 min dog walk

Monday: 9.2 mi (61 min), core work, roughly 35 min of outdoor biking too and from the quarter and to class

Tuesday: 7.5 mi (50 min) track workout- warm up 15 min, 4 mile tempo on the track (6:14, 6:13, 6:06, 6:04) I stopped halfway through and gagged up the vitamin water I drank before starting this run… I wasn’t feeling too hot but I managed to get it done and not too badly.

Wednesday: 6.63 mi (46 min), core work

Thursday: 5.7 mi (45 min)- decided to run with a friend who had had a sinus procedure done earlier this week and just took it reallyy easy, 75 min elliptical, weights

Friday: 12.31 mi alter g run (78 min), core work

Saturday: 5.5 mi (40 min), 75 min elliptical, weights

Total Miles: 54.1 mi, 3 x cross training, 3 x core work, 2 x weights



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