Recap of Shane’s visit Part 2

Where were we? Right Tuesday, 3 days left of Shane’s trip to New Orleans. Fact he has come every year for spring break since I do not usually get my break. This year we had our conference meet and then practice, last year we went to Cali for a training trip, and freshman year I got hurt so I did not travel with the team but Shane had already booked plane tickets here for half the week and then Colorado for the second half so I ended up booking a ticket to Colorado with him.

Tuesday is my morning class day (930-1215) I let Shane sleep in when I got up and got ready for class. We had a double this day too so I woke up extra early to go to the gym and cross train first. In my 9:30 class the teacher didn’t end up coming so the TA handed out our study guides for our midterm that was Thursday then we were allowed to leave. It was only 940 so I headed back to my room and woke Shane up at 10 am (my morning classes are all the way across campus). I had to leave again at 10:50 for my next class and Shane watched some sports center. It POURED on my way to class and I was soaked by the time I made it and was freezing by the end of class. I headed back and jumped back in bed to warm up for a bit. I had to be at the track for a workout at 2:45ish for practice so at 1 we leaded out to get lunch. We kept it simple and went to the food court on campus. Shane only had a 55 min run so he picked panda express. I stuck to a carrot/celery hummus cup and made a smoked salmon/hummus/lettuce/avocado wrap back in my room before we left. Once at practice I found out I had a 4 mile tempo run on the track as my workout… ugh that is long! I wasn’t feeling totally awesome during my warmup and chugged some vitamin water before hitting the track and that didn’t sit too well. I made it 2 miles in before my vitamin water came back up but I managed to make it through the workout… heck I was halfway done I wasn’t going to stop and have to do it later in the week. Back at school we opened up this SmartBalance popcorn that is so good!

these are so good
these are so good

We had plans to go to taco tuesday and Shane and I headed down to the Rum House first and found out there was a 1.5 hr wait. uh no. So we changed our plans and headed to Kakkoii for the sushi happy house. We made it just in time and met Kade, Sara, and Mikayla (all teammates) there. After sushi Shane and I drove to my family friends house to say hello since he has not seen them in 2 years and they just returned from a week long ski trip. We then met Mikayla and Kade at Creole Creamery so they could get their ice cream and I again got Yogurtland. By the time we got back to campus it was already 9:30 pm. It has been a long day!

lots of sushi!
lots of sushi!
after sushi- he wanted to wear his k mart hawaiian shirt
after sushi- he wanted to wear his k mart hawaiian shirt
yogurtland :)
yogurtland 🙂

Wednesday morning I was able to sleep in a little more. I finished up making my study guides for my tests and then Shane and I set out to run. I did his warm up with him and then he did a tempo run and I continued on my own way. I ended up running into an old teammate 10 minutes later in my run and finished the rest of my run with him, it was nice to catch up and have a change in running buddies. When Shane got back to my room  I had made banana peanut butter pancakes for breakfast and we got ready and headed out to the chiropractor. It was a much needed visit for both of us but a long one! Afterwards we went to the mall to go to the Popcorn Bistro where I got my birthday cake and zebra popcorn and Shane got kit-kat and butterfinger. We also got our godiva truffles of the month (cookie dough for me) and Shane got Raising Canes for lunch since that is a really popular place down here. Whole Foods was across the street so I picked up a spinach and kale salad with beets and some marinated tofu and yogurt covered pretzels.

photo 2

We got back to campus close to 4 pm and went to pick up some packages- my rangers jersey and a stride box- then I needed to do some more studying. I had class at 6 pm (Nutrition class) and left at 7:20. After class Shane and I headed out to the Rum House, take two, for dinner. Since it wasn’t $2 taco tuesday the wait wasn’t quite as long, they said 25-30 min, it really ended up being closer to 40 min but we were not in a rush. The food is really good and I’m glad that is what we decided to do for dinner. It was pretty cold out by the time we left dinner so we headed straight back to campus. For dessert Shane ate a raspberry greek yogurt with chocolate and some airheads and I had some yogurt/chocolate covered pretzels and more of the smartbalance popcorn.

Thursday morning I woke up at 7 am to do some last minute cramming for my tests. I took my study guides to the gym with me. I went back to my room at 8:30 to say my goodbyes to Shane before class :/ His flight was at 1:25 and my class wasn’t scheduled to get out until 12:15. I ended up finishing my test by 11:45 but the cab driver had come a few minute early so right as I was getting out and I missed Shane. He had no problem getting to the airport and through security but happened to have a flat when we got to his car at the parking garage back in MD… back luck.

All in all it was a great trip and I loved having him here and being able to take him to all my favorite places and for him to have the chance to meet some of my friends/teammates that I always talk about. I have met his teammates/friends many more times since I am from Annapolis and spend christmas/summer/thanksgiving breaks there and any other times I go home.  It was also a change for me to be driving him around in my car! I hope you liked hearing about our adventures and if you are ever in New Orleans have some restaurant ideas! I also reccomend a swamp tour but we did that last year.


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