Currently: March

Here and welcome to another Currently post! I took a study break last night to fill it out with the happenings in my life this March. Enjoy! and HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!

Current Book(s): still nothing but school books, there is just so much reading to do for class I can’t focus on a novel right now

Current Music: Shakira… still, her whole CD comes out 3/25! I preordered it. I also love Luke Bryan

Current Guilty Pleasure: Looking up Huskies, specifically the Alaskan Klee Kai and mix breeds, for sale online… I want a dog as my graduation present and I am just so excited



Current Nail Color: I actually painted my toes a couple days ago… essie green with silver crackle

Current Drink: Lemonade Vitamin Water & ALWAYS COFFEE


Current Food: Sushi! We have become regulars at a place close to campus and go for happy hour every Tuesday ($3 rolls! can’t beat that)

lots of sushi!
lots of sushi!

Current Favorite Show: The Carrie Diaries- I went through both seasons in maybe 1.5 weeks, it is awesome, I just finished it up and really hope it comes back for a 3rd season

love Carrie and Sebastian!
love Carrie and Sebastian!


Current Wish List: Reebok Skyscrapers in purple- I’m asking my dad for them for Easter, hopefully it happens! and I also really want the camo lulu shorts but sadly I think I won’t be able to find them… my lulu collection is pretty extensive as is too.

This is from last summer when I was packing for school soo quite a few more pieces have been added :/
This is from last summer when I was packing for school soo quite a few more pieces have been added :/

Current needs: Summer 🙂 and an actual break from school with nothing to do but relax!

Current Indulgence: Always froyo, specifically Yogurtland, anytime someone asks me I always go!

yogurtland :)
yogurtland 🙂

Current Blessing: That my mom’s car accident wasn’t any worse and that I have a place to live and food to eat, even if it isn’t always the best food it’s still a lot more than many people have

Current Outfit: Lulu shorts, tall nike socks, and a Tulane track and field shortsleeve shirt… ready for my early run tomorrow

Current Excitement: Going out to Pal Alto in 3.5 weeks to race the 10k! It was such a fun trip last year when we went for Spring Break, it’ll be shorter this year since we are not on break but still such a fun place to race.

Now it is back to studying for my midterm tomorrow in Stress Management, there is a ton of information covered for this and is sorta stressing me out! ironic right? Nothing unusual for a Monday though.


One thought on “Currently: March

  1. Wow we sound so similar haha! I totally want a dog for graduation too! I LOVE coffee and lemonade vitamin water and The Carrie Diaries is one of my favs too! I just had to share lol. Good luck on your tests and happy st. patty’s day!


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