Thinking Out Loud #10

Hello! It’s Thursday, that means it is time for Amanda’s THINKING OUT LOUD linkup! Wooooo. Random musings and happenings are awesome! Plus we are through the majority of the week now. So here we go!


1. Yesterday there was a camel on campus for HUMP day! Super Random… tuition money to good use? I think not, but still funny.


2. I had my last midterm last night in nutrition and behavior class. It was actually really hard! There was more than I thought on the type of chains and formation of fats and amino acids.

3. I leave tonight for the Alabama Relays! My first real collegiate outdoor race, I am running the 5k tomorrow night and am seeded in 2nd place but the top 3 are very close in time… hopefully I race well! The race isn’t until 8:15 pm and I haven’t raced that late in a while so it’ll be a little hard to prepare myself.

4. Not so excited for the 5-6 hour bus ride to Tuscaloosa, AL tonight. We don’t leave until 6 pm so it will be a late night.

5. I got my order of Nut N’ More nut butter yesterday! I couldn’t decide which flavors I wanted and since I was paying for shipping anyways I decided I might as well order all the ones I want šŸ™‚ #addict

photo 1

6. After my test yesterday I was heading back to my room and saw a sign on the gate to my dorm for FREE PINKBERRY! They were talking about managing stress around midterms and had a lot of yogurt and toppings. I ate one salted caramel there and took another for today, plus tons of blueberries! (I refilled my cup after I had my yogurt)

photo 2

7. Shakira’s full CD comes out in 6 days! I’m excited for it to come out, I have it preordered. She is my all time favorite artist, she is AWESOME!

8. I an struggling to write right now! Just an honest statement… the summer and fall class schedules have finally come out and it is so hard planning it out and deciding what to take and what I need to take.

Have a great day! I can’t wait to read other peoples TOL’s!


4 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #10

  1. Camels and free froyo?!? I want to go to your school! Nothing cool like that ever happened at my school. Heck, we didn’t even get snow days. And speaking of snow… can you believe we got hit with a blizzard on the first day of spring? Talk about a kick in the pants…


    1. Th camel was hilarious! And the froyo was perfect after a hard midterm šŸ™‚ I can’t wait to have the extra one I grabbed later today after my run! Our weather has been crazy… Warm then cold then warm then snow!


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