Weekly Workouts #32 and Race Recap

I hope y’all’s weekends are off to a great start! Mine is going to feel super short or super long depending on how you view it. We left Thursday night for the Alabama Relays where I raced the 5k last night at 8:15. It was actually my first real/decent collegiate outdoor track race. My freshman year I got a stress fracture during indoor track and did not race outdoors (I had two- one fracture and one reaction so I had a longer time out) and last year I was in the depths of my UC with trying to get it diagnosed, seeing my iron drop weekly, my energy plummet, and just all around I had no idea how to handle it… so I took some time off to see a specialist and eliminate some more serious issues and by the time I had more answers, after months of different tests and procedures, it was too late to try and get me into race shape. So here I am no longer a newbie to outdoor track!

Weekly Workouts:
Sunday: 12.15 mi alter g run (76:30 min), yoga in room
Monday: 7.2 mi (50 min), core work, weight lifting
Tuesday: 75 min elliptical, 7.0 mi (46 min) track workout- 3 x 1200/400 with 200 m jog in between reps and 4 min between sets… the break between sets really threw me off. I haven’t done that during a workout in a long time and I don’t necessarily like it.
1200m time- 4:18, 4:16, 4:15
400m time- 84, 84, 83
Wednesday: 7.8 mi alter g run(50 min), core work
Thursday: 7.36 (53 min)
Friday: Shake out- 2 mi (15 min), core work, 5k race- 17:34, 4 mi warm up/cooldown

So definitely not my best race but not my worst either. I am pretty happy with it given my last couple weeks. Having been sick two weeks ago and only getting in two workouts since then I knew I wasn’t in my best shape. I have also had a tight groin, hip, and hamstring this week that is a pretty reoccurring thing that we are working on. So I think I could’ve “raced” better in the last couple laps but overall it was not a bad race.
Saturday: 75 min elliptical, and I might try to run a little later but not much!
Total Milage: 53.1 miles, 2 x cross training, 1 x weight lifting, 1 x yoga, 3 x core work

So there you have it! My past week of workouts and training. It is nice to be able to go back and look through what I did from time to time. Overall my team did pretty awesome at the meet this weekend too, which is a major plus! But on the downside… not running related, my mom found out she needs a new car after her accident 😦 The damage totaled more than the worth of the car so geico our insurance is coming back out to take another look and hopefully total it so she can get something from insurance towards a new car.

Have a great weekend!


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