Thinking Out Loud #11

Thursday? Again? Only 5 more weeks of the spring semester left after this week!

1. Went to my usual Happy Hour Sushi on Tuesday! YUMMM. My favorite!

2. Went to Whole Foods on Monday and saw Kombucha Squash for the first time, so I had to buy one! Can’t wait to cook it!!

3. Also bought more veggie chips 🙂 because they are so good.

4. Running has pretty much sucked this week… my hip and groin AND hamstring have been majorly been bothering me since my race last friday. I have been in the training room every day for an hour plus and it isn’t getting any better 😦 ughh. I finally had some graston and a.r.t done yesterday and am really sore but hopefully it helps.
5. I made granola for the first time this week and it is awesome! I’ll post the recipe soon, its good.

6. We have a home meet this weekend, our one and only of the season, I am supposed to race the 3k. A lot of my teammates parents are in town and it really makes me wish my mom or Shane were here. The end of the year feels like a long ways away still!
7. I found out yesterday I will get to see my mom in just over two weeks! She is going to Destin Florida for 6 days and it is only a 4 hour drive away so she and her boyfriend are going to drive to Nola for a day.

8. Wednesday was the coldest day of the week (high of mid 50s) and for some reason I really wanted a smoothie, I have no idea why but as I walked out of my room drinking it I was coldd but it was good.

green coffee smoothie with spinach, banana, milk, greek yogurt, mocha protein powder, coffee, and cocoa powder with granola on top
green coffee smoothie with spinach, banana, milk, greek yogurt, mocha protein powder, coffee, and cocoa powder with granola on top

9. I have been exhausted this week for some reason. Maybe because I haven’t really been running and that gives me an afternoon boost of energy? I am still in bed for 8-9 hours a night and sleeping for around 8 hours, nothing any different than usual…

10. I cannot wait for a mostly relaxing weekend after a busy weekend last weekend. The home meet means we won’t be doing any traveling and it is a short one day/afternoon meet. So I have lots of time to get work done and am going out to dinner with some teammates and their parents while they are here! I also found out during the fall one of my teammates was bad mouthing me to the freshman, they confronted her about it before they told me just yesterday, and apparently she had done it because she wanted them to be her friends… really great teammate and team atmosphere, right? I am pretty upset about it because I try really hard to be a good person, be nice to everyone, and not judge anyone. I am glad the people she said all that too told me (they were pretty mad with her because they said they wish they had gotten to know me better sooner), just shows who my real friends are, and who isn’t as mature as they should be in college.


On a happier note, have a great Thursday! Thanks Amanda for another week of Thinking Out Loud!


2 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #11

  1. I have been experiencing that same exhausting feeling! I woke up feeling better today! Hope it gets better for you too soon!


  2. I think it’s just that time of the year when the lingering winter is starting to wear most people out. We’re currently dealing with a lovely amount of snow over in these parts, which is definitely getting a little tiring. But I totally know what you mean about still craving cold smoothies even when the weather isn’t that nice — I drink my smoothies by the fireplace 😆


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