Weekly Workouts #33

Hello again! I have a pretty short workout recap for this week. I took quite a few days off of running and only did short runs on the days I did run because of everything that was hurting since I was so tight and was causing me to limp… gotta hate those little things that when they build up become big things.  I new I had been lacking in my yoga practice but I stretch at least I little everyday but I guess with the impact and intensity of my training that wasn’t enough. My trainer finally signed me out a portable stem machine so I have been using that everyday and it helps a lot too!


Sunday: OFF

Monday: 75 min elliptical, core work

Tuesday: 3.5 mi run (27 min), 45 min elliptical

Wednesday: 75 min elliptical, 1 mile walk on treadmill, weights, core work

Thursday: 3.5 mi (26 min), 45 min elliptical

Friday: 3.5 mi (27 min) plus 1.5 mi walking, core work, yoga class

Saturday: 75 min elliptical, 5 mi (38 min)

Total Milage: 15.5 mi, 4 x cross training, 2 x walking, 1 x yoga, 1 x weights, 3 x core work

I hate seeing low milage weeks but I am lucky it was only tightness in my groin, hip, and hamstring and nothing more serious. Hopefully it all gets better this weekend because my entry got accepted into the Stanford meet next weekend (friday night) for the 10k. I am one of few runners on my team to get accepted so it is really exciting to have the chance to race there. It is one of the biggest distance meets in the country with a high level of competition. I also will have the possibility of flying back out there a few weeks later for another meet they host at the end of April to run a 5k if I have recovered well from the 10k and haven’t fallen apart (knock on wood!). Just an added bonus that we fly Southwest most of the time and I get to take my points! It has definitely added a lot of my free flights.

Well that is all I have for today. I am off to our one and home home meet of the season. I am not racing today but will be clerking… so checking the athletes in for their events. Hopefully the sun comes out and I can work on my tan 🙂 even if it is a raser back tan from our tank tops.

And I will leave you with these delicious donut pictures from District (donuts sliders brew) I had the lemon blueberry and it was so good and worth whatever stomach ache it causes today 🙂 ops… enjoy!

photo 1

photo 2
my lemon blueberry donut!!
photo 3
Smore’s donut for a friend

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