50 Shades of Fit and What Fit Means to Me

What? I’m posting twice in one day?? Well my race isn’t until 10 fricken pm tonight Pacific time. So that means I have A LOT of time to kill in my hotel room. I already woke up to do a shake out run/walk, go to breakfast (which was an awesome buffet), walked to TJ Maxx and Trader Joe’s (oh how I miss you) and am now laying in bed trying to relax back in my room… so instead of being a good student and doing homework (I did do some on the plane yesterday) I am typing up blog posts and just didn’t want to wait to post this one 🙂

What is the 50 Shades of Fit Featured Blogger Series? First read this post By Kaila at Healthy Helper who started the series.


Fitness is defined differently for everyone. There truly are (more than!) 50 shades of fit in this world and as long as you’re incorporating fitness into your life in a healthy way for the right reasons, then you’re doing it right!

Fitness doesn’t have an end point. It isn’t a mountain that you can get to the top of. It’s a continuum that we’ll all be on for the rest of our lives and no one place on it is better than any other. Instead of criticizing, judging, or ridiculing others based on where they are, we should be lifting each other up, encouraging each other, and congratulating each other for making choices to stay healthy, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

So take a moment to appreciate where you are on your own fitness journey and try to remain positive and tolerant of where other people are on theirs. The 50 Shades of Fit Featured Blogger Series is a way to celebrate some of the diverse definitions of fit in our society!

So now that you know what it is all about here are the questions and my answers!

Currently, what does ‘fit’ mean to you in your own life? Fit to me means a lot of things. It most importantly means enjoying some type of workout that you make time for it in your life. No matter how intense if you love something and it gets you moving at all that is great! When my coaches say something like “wow she is fit right now” to them it can mean training well and improving each week, even if you are still the slowest in your event you can be fit by your own standards if you are improving and working hard. By no means does it mean you are a cut size 0 athlete, those are unreal standards. Each sport has a different body type and so does each person, embrace what your parents gave you and love yourself and be your own form of fit!

When did you initially get more interested in incorporating health and fitness into your lifestyle? My parents have been decently active my entire life. My dad used to take my sister and I to play tennis with him in the afternoons when we were little since he only worked down the street and later when he started renting office space to a PT clinic we got use of their equipment so my mom started working out more frequently after work on Friday and would take my sister and I with her. We thought it was so fun to hop from equipment to equipment while my mom usually rode the bike. We grew up in a very small two street town so this was fun for us! It wasn’t until much later (8th grade) that I got my own gym membership to start training for fall field hockey tryouts with timed runs (2.5 miles) and work on my endurance.

What are some of your favorite ways to get moving? Personally I love to run, at this point in my life I am a collegiate D1 athlete (until December) and thought I don’t have the same drive to race that I have in the past… hopefully just because distance running on a track is not very fun, but either way I still love training runs. Just going outdoors and going whatever pace my body decided and getting a good sweat in. I also love yoga, it is easy to push off and decide i’m too busy for, but I never regret a class afterwards.

In what ways do you inspire and encourage others to add some sort of fitness to their own lives? I love making workout “dates” with friends. I have a friend at home and school that it’s like hey we should catch up, when can you go to the gym?? I love that. Neither of them are runners but we can walk on the treadmill, get on the elliptical, do core work or weight lifting together and catch up at the same time!

When I am home in the summer too if I decide to make it to an afternoon/night yoga class I will call my mom and see if she can get out of work in time to meet me at our gym and I will bring her clothes for her. Same goes if my sister is home for a couple days or holidays i’ll ask her if she wants to go to some classes with me or whenever I see free classes or gym days in NYC (where she works) I’ll forward her the link since she’s young and can’t afford a full time New York gym membership.

I also started coaching at an XC camp last summer and telling my running background to the kids (ages 12-18) really inspired some of them. They wanted to go on the double runs and learn more about my training, which I think is great!

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who is just starting their fitness journey and exploring what works for them? Make sure you enjoy what you decide to do. If you do not have a passion for it you will not be able to successfully continue it (usually). You want to enjoy this time either with a buddy or by yourself and not resent it and it may take a few tries to find the type of fitness you like!

Tag 3 other people to share their own ‘shade of fit’!

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Feel free to answer any of the above questions in the comments or play along if you weren’t tagged!


3 thoughts on “50 Shades of Fit and What Fit Means to Me

  1. Thank you so much for tagging me 🙂 I am for sure going to have to answer these next week 🙂 loved your answers too! Hope your meet went well too!


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