Whats Next #2

Hello y’all! I am going to pick up right where I left off! If you missed part 1 make sure to catch up to follow along!

At this point I had considered taking a medical leave for the next semester but really didn’t want to because they would mean I would end of graduating late, though I love New Orleans it isn’t home and doesn’t have the people that mean the most to me. I tugged along and came back after Christmas break (which I was mostly symptom free for thanks to the prednisone and less stress). At the end of break I made plans to interview in NYC for an internship over the summer at Greatist working with media or writing/editorial. That is why I went back to the city a week or so later and though it was a great opportunity to be had I ultimately decided it was not in my best interest to persue it.  It would be 9-5, 5 days a week, and unpaid with an hour commute to and from each day. At this point in my life I am an athlete and need to give that the time it needs and waking up at 5am to get runs in before a full day with a commute and then still having to do the extra stuff like yoga, lifting, doubles/cross training, corework, stretching, etc. I was going to drive myself crazy with stress by the end of the summer.

At the same time I started thinking about my other options and kept coming back to one… could I graduate in December a semester early. I finally looked over my degree audit and decided to meet with my advisor. If I took summer school I could graduate early and it would not be very hard since I only need 3 more specific classes to take the the rest are electives. I then talked to my mom and told her my decision and really decided it was what is best for me. It then took me another few weeks to tell my coach because I was nervous, I got a cold, he left town, we had a big race.. but I finally did and he couldn’t have been nicer about supporting my decision.

I cannot get completely better gut wise until I learn to deal with stressors better but also cut those out (mostly) while I learn coping mechanisms. There are a few things I had put on the back burners that I wanted to accomplish and next spring, as a college graduate, would be the best time to focus on ME and do the things I want to do.

I want to become a yoga instructor, meaning I need to go through the 200 training hours and take the time to do what it needs to learn that.


I want to do a 21 day/month long/however long I feel like it sugar detox and maybe cut down my sweet tooth and help my GI system since everything I seem to eat makes me bloated and gassy.

I want to try the elimination diet and finally figure out what the heck still bothers me so much! I also believe it is capable to going off all medications with UC if you do what you need to do to completely heal and that is what I want to do.

and I also just want to be home close to my loved ones. Shane is a huge part in my life and being apart for so long hurts. I am a very independent person and love my alone time, people comment on that all the time that I would be perfectly okay by myself and I don’t need anyone, but I WANT to be there with him and don’t ever need any alone time when there is the possibility of spending time together. I am also capable of spending a lot of time with my mom but other than those two I always feel like I need a break from people.


Adults keep asking what I want to do when I graduate, as in a long term job, but the honest truth is I HAVE NO IDEA. What I do know is that I want to focus on myself and my health and not just pushing forward and doing what is expected of me once I graduate, which is to find a full time, probably high stress, 9-5 job. I know that that is not for me especially not at this point in my life. So pardon my language but I say screw you whoever wants to judge me for not having a big plan besides getting my yoga certification and probably working part time at my gym or something but I need the time for myself and everyone should respect that.

I know I love nutrition and exercise and hope to be doing something in those area one day but I am taking it one step at a time and not planning too far ahead because who knows where I will be at that point.



3 thoughts on “Whats Next #2

  1. GOOD FOR YOU GIRL! I can relate to recently having to rethink future plans for the sake of health, so I think you are making a great decision! Graduating early and really having some time to focus on YOU sounds ideal. I think it will help so much with your health issues! And who cares if you don’t know exactly what you want to do….I certainly don’t! Heck, people who have jobs still don’t know what they want to do! I say follow your heart and pursue the things that are going to make you happy! 🙂


    1. Thanks so much! Exactly, as long as my mom doesn’t mind having me at home for a little while after I graduate, which she doesn’t because I was supposed to be under her “roof” per say anyways if I was still in school, then that is all that matters. I was just expected to go from undergrad to grad school and possibly law school by so many family members but why? so I can make money but hate my career after putting in years and years of development for it… I hope you figure things out too! It was such a relief when I realized I was able to graduate in December and figure things out


  2. I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with not knowing exactly what you want to do when you graduate college. I’m sure you’ll figure it out one of these days. I’m sure you don’t want to end up with a job that you hate so you might as well take the time you need to figure everything out. I think it’s pretty cool that you want to be a yoga instructor. I really wish that the gym I went to offered classes. I’ve always wanted to try it!


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