Weekly Workouts #34 First track 10k

Hello, hello! I am back with another recap of workouts from the past week! Still not too much on the running front but a lot better than last week! A little note that this will probably be my last race for a few weeks. I don’t have any complaints about that! I might race one more 5k before conference but it could also just be the 10k at conference as my only race left this season. That isn’t until May 14th. That is the most important race of the season so we have to focus on loosening up my hip flexor, groin, and hamstring so I don’t hurt something else by compensating.


Sunday: 7.03 mi (48 min), weight lifting

Monday: 5.5 mi (37 min), 30 min elliptical, core work

Tuesday: 3.5 mi (26 min), 45 min elliptical, 15 min pool drills

Wednesday: 5.56 mi (37 min), core work

Thursday: 3.5 mi (25 min) long travel day!

Friday: core work, 10 k race- 36:07, 3.3 mi warm up/cool down (25 min) = 9.5 mi total

Saturday: 75 min elliptical, yoga video

Total Miles: 34.6 mi, 3 x core work, 1 x weight lifting, 3 x cross training, 1 x yoga


March Miles: 167.91 miles

2014 Miles: 591 miles

Overall the race went a lot better than I expected, miles 3 and 4 were the slowest, but that isn’t unusual. My mile times were 5:41, 5:45, 5:52, 5:54, 5:46, 5:42 and then I closed in 81 for the last lap. It is good for second best in Tulane history and we are going to work on beating that time at our conference championships in May. I think I can do it if I get my hip functioning better and have more people to run with. Stanford is a really competitive race so I was kinda on my own towards the back… totally okay and expected, I mean it was my first 10k on the track ever! So I am happy with how I did and hope to move forward from there and with my training!

Have a great weekend! We are spending all afternoon traveling back to New Orleans and don’t get in until midnight 😦


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