Sweet and Savory Spill it Sunday #2

Hello! I hope your Sunday is off to a good start! Mine is a sleepy one! We got back from California at midnight last night, our bus driver was over an hour late picking us up, and then there were some problems so we had to stick around the athletic building for awhile to make sure everything was okay… long story short the grad student that had signed up to drive the bus to pick us up had been drinking and was NOT okay to drive. He was all over the road and our GA ended up making him stop and let him drive instead because no one felt safe and once the guy moved to sit back where we were we could all smell it… safe to say he will not be picking any more athletes up from the airport and there will be a lot of meetings about it this week. So with all that makes this a slow morning for me, I didn’t get back to my room until close to 3 am. Hate that time difference too when you lose time 😦 but at least this weeks theme for Arman’s Spill it Sunday is one of my favorites- sweet and savory BREAKFAST, my favorite meal! The sole thing that got me out of bed this morning… of course with coffee!

The Big Man's World

My selfie is from my senior pictures for high school! Old ones! We were going through old pictures on the plane ride to California Thursday and found some pretty bad ones, not this one though- this my mom has framed in her room and shane has my senior picture on his cork board at school.

Photo on 2010-08-24 at 12.47 #2

1. What is your absolute favourite strictly ‘sweet’ food?

This is a tough one because a lot of foods can be savory or sweet, like chocolate for example is definitely used in savory ways. I also think sweet potatoes can be savory or sweet (examples later) and frozen yogurt… though it will always have sugar a lot of people go for the plain tart with fruit, maybe that is still sweet since fruit is sweet, if so then by far frozen yogurt if not how about banana and nut butter or cookie butter sandwiches or wraps, those are definitely sweet and yummy!

2. What is your absolute favourite strictly ‘savoury’ food?

Mine would have to be salmon! It is by far my favorite fish and good break any meal of the day… except dessert. I love smoked salmon with eggs or just pan roasted salmon on top of a salad or with veggies or sushi of course!

3. Best ‘Sweet and Savoury’ combination?

Hmmm well I’m thinking two versions of stuffed sweet potatoes… depending on how you look at them. Either a baked sweet potato with greek yogurt, nut butter, coconut butter, chocolate chips, granola if you view the potato as being savory OR one with greek yogurt, salsa, avocado, black beans, etc if you view the potato as being sweet. I love doing the first combo for breakfast and the second one for lunch or dinner.

sweet potato, greek yogurt, granola, pb, banana
sweet potato, greek yogurt, granola, pb, banana

4. Worst ‘Sweet and Savoury’ combination?

I try to avoid foods I don’t like and don’t go for too many sweet and savory combos. I definitely do not like carrots and nut butter… I know many bloggers love this but it was just not for me. Or i could go with chocolate covered potato chips, I don’t like potato chips much to begin with and that combo just kinda grosses me out.

5. Favourite sweet recipe? Share a link of yours or one of your favourites!

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Brownies

Chunky Money Snack Bites (via Running with Spoons)

6. Favourite savoury recipe? Share a link of yours or one of your favourites! This made me realize I really need to write down some of the things I make and post more savory recipes!

 Red Quinoa and Roasted Butternut Squash Spiced Salad (via peachy palate)

Veggie Quinoa Salad

7. The big question…which one wins. Sweet OR Savoury?

For me SWEET definitely is the winner! I love sweet foods and I have a terrible sweet tooth. I’ve been known to pull dark chocolate out of my lunch box in my 10 am classes… I mean if I’ve been up since 6 am it’s okay right 🙂


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