Thinking Out Loud #12

Hi there! I am back again for Amanda’s Thinking Out Loud this week after missing it due to a very busy travel day last Thursday. I have a lot of things going through my mind right now so lets just hop too it.


1. Speaking of hoping I cannot wait for Easter weekend. Though I am not going any where the long weekend is just what I need to catch up on everything and get ready to bust through the last two weeks of school. I have two of my finals for classes on the last day and 3 papers due so I need to have some time to put into all of it.

2. Before Easter though, this weekend to be percise, I am taking a much needed vacation! My mom booked a flight to Destin, Fl with the guy she has been seeing since he rented a 3 bedroom condo for two weeks and they thought about driving to me for a day BUT then I suggested I drive there since I have a car and no class Friday πŸ™‚ I am so excited for 3 days at the beach and this weekend is supposed to be gorgeous mid 70s and sunny! I really needed this time to relax, especially after 3 tests this week.

photo 1

3. Those 3 tests are killing me. End of Story. SO MUCH STUDYING. ah.

4. I ordered a pair of the Reebok Skyscrape’s in purple after seeing all the great reviews and love them already.

photo 2

5. I also bought a groupon for lucky vitamin last week and used it to order caramel javapro, some quest bars, and liquid aminos.


6. My mom sent be the BEST easter/care package last week! Camo lulu shorts and headband, reusable shopping bag with elephants on it, TJ’s almond butter, chocolate peanut PB2 (she wanted to try it and got a double pack & I can use for baking), pb popcorn, Annie’s bunnies, cadbury caramel eggs, magazines…


7. I got blood work done on Monday and from the time I left my room to got back (it was on campus) it took 90 minutes! I had to go to the training room first, wait for someone to take me over, then waited so long for the doctor. Then, I had to go back yesterday to “review” my blood work…I have much better things to be doing and it required me to wake up at 7:20 am and takes a good chunk of my mornings.

9. I bought a sports massage on living social a few weeks ago for after my 10k and booked it for this afternoon! Much needed! I also bought a mani/pedi deal for my favorite salon near school that I will be getting tonight to prepare for the beach… my feet need it after weeks of running.

10. I got a job last week which will be 4/24-4/27 working the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in DC. I am so excited. I get to go home and see my mom/Shane and make some good money working around runners! It will require long days but will be worth it!

11. Will Ferrell is in New Orleans filming something and he was at my school gym just a couple feet away from me, I am not a huge Will Ferrell fan but nonetheless it was still pretty cool.


12. I was in our foot court yesterday and found these! No idea if they are any good, but I got my mom the orange and myself the lemonade. Can’t wait to try them!

photo 3

Well, I have procrastinated enough. I am ready to knock my to do list out and then get ready for the beach!!! πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #12

  1. That’s awesome that you got to see Will Ferrel! Honestly, I barely even recognized him. I’m horrible about stuff like that, though. I swear I’ve run across celebrities while travelling before without even realizing it. I’m just clueless when it comes to the lives of the rich and famous πŸ˜•


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