Spill it Sunday #3

Hi everyone, I’m back linking up with Arman for another week of Spill It Sundays! This week is your ideal vacation and why! Well if you didn’t know already I am currently in Destin, FL with my mom for a few days. I kind of crashed her vacation with the guy she is seeing 🙂 ops hehe but it was needed and we have had fun!

The Big Man's World

So this weeks theme- my dream vacation if I could go anywhere would it would definitely be a beach. I have really wanted to go to Hawaii for awhile or Australia! I would love to hike waterfalls or snorkel the coral reefs! Such touristy things to do but ya know what…  I would be a tourist on vacation! But more than either of those places I REALLY want to go to South Africa, India, or Thailand. Reasons being:

1. Elephants are my favorite animals ever and I really want to go ride them on a safari… so really any place you can do that is good for me 🙂


2. All those places are warm and that is my kind of weather, I also really like the sari and tradition clothes the women wear in those counties.

3. There are so many cool sights to see in that part of the country. It is so different than the US or any of the other countries I have been to before.


That is something I have wanted to do for so long! I told Shane like a month into our relationship, its a prerequisite 🙂 just so he knows we have to go there somepoint not too far into the future.

couldn't forget the selfie... a nice close up!
couldn’t forget the selfie… a nice close up!

A short and sweet look into my dream vacation,  I hope you enjoyed it and have been enjoying your weekend! I am, for sure! One more day at the beach before I head back to New Orleans tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Spill it Sunday #3

    1. it is definitely on my mental list of places to visit!! I really want to go, my moms has good friends who live there and have been begging us to come visit we just haven’t planned it and made it happen yet… it was a great little weekend vacation 🙂


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