Beach Weekend Recap

Hi ya there! I hope your Monday and week has been off to a good start! I got back from Destin, Florida earlier today (at noon) after a nice weekend with my mom, her bf and his work friend. I hadn’t met the work friend before but he was super nice! He has a daughter who is only a few years older than I am. He works for a security company with my moms boyfriend and gave me a free download of Norton software for my computer and let me copy a bunch of his itunes music off his external harddrive. #score
Other fun happens of this weekend were the wine festival I told y’all a little about with free sushi and a $50 gas card. My mom and I also picked out a Lilly Pulitzer maxi dress on sale that we are going to hem and then can share during the summer! It is super cute.

The next morning (Saturday) we were all up between 7-7:30 had our coffee some fruit and headed out to the gym. I did some cardio on a semi elliptical/ATM (adaptive motion trainer) but an older version and then did a les mills bodypump class… which I am still sore from! We finished up and headed back for a bigger breakfast and to head down to the beach! It was such a nice day. I took an hour long walk down the beach before heading up for lunch. I made some quinoa/brown rice over lettuce with canned salmon, tomatoes, and avocado. Simple but good. Also, punished a bag of Veggie Pirate’s Booty. My mom and I then decided to head back out to the pool for another hour or so.


what happens when you forget to rip the bag on top
what happens when you forget to rip the bag on top

The boys headed out to Best buy to get a new internet thing and a printer and when my mom and I left the pool we headed out to Marshall’s and The Fresh Market. We were looking for bathing suits at Marshall’s but struck out; I did find some good coffee and my favorite Bed Head Conditioner (oatmeal and honey). At The Fresh Market I was in search for some dinner (sushi), snacks (carrots and hummus), some food for school, and my mom was getting them some cheese and crackers and apples. That night I stayed in and worked on my projects and papers I have due this week while they went out to a BBQ place and then a bar with music after. I took a froyo break halfway through the night as well.
Sunday was my last day. We woke up around a little after 7 am and hung out until the gym opened at 8 am. My mom decided to just run outside since there were no classes on Sunday. I did some more time on the cross trainer machine before we headed back and I decided I wanted to run outside some before heading to the pool. I went on a 30 min run and boyyy was it hot! I had my overnight oats with banana and pb and headed out to the pool. It was another beautiful day. We headed in by 1:30 pm though to make it to some music at a restaurant/bar on the water that started at 3. My mom and I dropped the boys to grab a table and get comfy watching the masters and we headed to Sam’s Club so she could add me to her account before going back to join them.


The music was really good, the girl in the band played the fiddle, and it was a great seafood place. We started with a bunch of oysters but I only ate a few because my stomach hadn’t been agreeing with me. Next, I had a crab meat salad and picked off some fries and fried okra on the table. We hung out until 6pm (when golf ended) and headed back for a walk on the beach.

IMG_1817 IMG_1818

It was a breezy but pretty night. Once back at the house they sat down to watch a movie and I headed out to fill up my tank and get some froyo (dinner was early) before settling in. We watched Thomas Crown Affair and then I called it a night! This morning I was up at 7 am and on the road by 7:40. I stopped once at the Mississippi Welcome Center and about 3 minutes down the road got stuck behind an accident by about a minute. Luckily, I was able to get by the cars in about 20 min and make my way down the road back to school.

I made it back around noon and got in a short run/workout before classes and was able to finish unpacking after I finished up class for the night. It was a great weekend and I was so happy to see my mom and spend some time with her while relaxed! Destin was a nice, quiet, white sandy beach and I would definitely recommend it as a vacation spot over a lot of other beaches I have been too!

I’ll see y’all on Wednesday with some more of my eats!


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