Weekly Workouts #36

Finally a week with a few more miles in but if i’m being completely honest i’m a little concerned about the status of my leg. From compensating for my hip my shins are not feeling good and our school training room is no help at all. They know my concerns so I guess that’s all I can do at this point being a scholarship athlete I can’t just not run when I go to practice… as long as it doesn’t get any worse I will be okay. I’ve always been one to get shin splints each year and it does not always result in injury.

So with that I am taking this holiday weekend a little easy on the running side and probably through next weekend since I will be working long hours on my feet! I saw my trainer last night when they got back form the meet and she gave me some anti-imflamatories after I got in the ice tub and I will be checking in with her again this afternoon.


Sunday: 4.3 mi (31 min), 75 min elliptical, core work

Monday: 5 mi (36 min), 45 min elliptical

Tuesday: 5.57 mi (41 min), 45 min elliptical

Wednesday: 56 min alter g run (8.5 mi), core work

Thursday: 20 min tempo run (3.25 mi) 6.9 mi total (47 min), 45 min elliptical

Friday: 5.03 mi (35 min) yoga class, core work

Saturday: 75 min elliptical, weight lifting

Total Milage: 35.3 miles, 5 x cross training, 3 x core work, 1 x yoga, 1 x weights

Now I am off to work on some school work while laying out at the “social pool” aka outdoor pool and sundeck at school. So it sort of feels like a break! I need to work on my sports bra tan line since I have a one strap dress for the Navy ring dance in 4 weeks!


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