Currently: April 2014

So my brain has been a little clouded/full this weekend with all these projects and papers I am trying to get through for the week. With all the research and paper writing/powerpoint creating I am lacking a little motivation/thoughts for anything else today. Since I hadn’t done a currently post for April this seemed to be the perfect timing!

Current book: … Still none BUT I did make a dent on some of my magazines that have been piling up since the New Year… yes since January, I have a LOT to make it through.

the unread pile... plus a box of tissues
the unread pile… plus a box of tissues

Current music: As usual Shakira and some country music. I tend to stick to the same things. I know almost every song on the Shakira CD and all the top country hits.

Current guilty pleasure: Pretty Little Liars. I watched the first two seasons after I finished Cake Boss freshman year when I was injured and they put season 3 up on netflix a little bit ago so now that I have finished my others shows I decided to start back up!

photo 2

Current nail colour: Well since I just got my nails done last week my toes are Channel Rodeo Drive (lilac) and my fingers are Essie (gold) but already chipped :/

photo 1

Current drink: Arnold Palmer zero as well as my usual coffee, water, and vitamin water!

photo 3

Current food: Breakfast! All the time! Oatmeal, yogurt, pancakes, cereal, eggs, fruit… I am really lacking on veggies lately but breakfast is just soo much better!

photo 2

Current obsession: Alaskan Klee Kai’s the husky that stays a puppy forever!!! I want one so badly!

Current wish: SUMMER! The weather is finally getting hott and I am ready for time to relax in the sun and go to the beach and have a break from school! Sadly due to summer school that is still another two months away.

Current need: To go home :/ and spend time with my family, Shane and by next spring a PUPPY! A massage would be nice too… Wednesday!

Current triumph: Making it through the 10k a few weeks ago and finishing two papers this Easter weekend

Current bane of my existence: The training room everyy day! It is so time consuming going back there to do my rehab for an hour plus each day. I can’t wait to the days when if I am tired or feel any bit of pain I can just not run or workout and not have to report back to them multiple times each day on how I am feeling and do stuff that I don’t feel like is working.

Current indulgence: Bridge mix from Whole foods. All the chocolate covered things (nuts, malt balls, pretzels, toffee) yummm, nothing like a nighttime treat while pushing through to do lists.

Current procrastination: hmmm well right now I should be working on one of those papers or the research I need to do… But I am done for tonight and will be back at it tomorrow. Thank goodness for Monday off of class so I can get through some more work!

Current blessing: Having family that loves me and is healthy and safe. There has been so much bad happening around me like the 3-4 people at Shane’s school that have had accidents or problems and didn’t make it through as well as so many other tragic events over the past couple weeks like the Malaysia 370 flight, the mudslide, the avalanche and so on

Current excitement: Going home this week! Wednesday afternoon is my flight and I land at 8:40 pm and will be home until Monday. But I will be working 9-8 pm Th., 12-8 Fri (going to see my grandparents in the AM), 7-6 Sat, and 5-1 Sun

started packing already!
started packing already!

Current mood: Tired! Even though I am getting 8-9 hours of sleep most nights I am still exhausted due to running and all the school work, staring at the computer exhausts my eyes.

Current link: this bathing suit I sent my mom earlier today after getting an email from them. So Cute! But I ordered Shane’s Birthday present a few days ago and have a larger credit card bill this month than usual from gas going to and from the beach, an Easter present for my mom, and Shane’s present sooo my own wants will have to wait another month.

So far April has been a good month and it is winding down to an end and summer is on its way!!! Have a great Monday, especially if you have the day off 🙂


One thought on “Currently: April 2014

  1. I am totally going to have to try the Arnold Palmer zero it just sounds delicious! Love that nail color too 🙂 And don’t worry I am currently obsessed with breakfast foods too haha it is just so tasty!


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