Thinking Out Loud #10

Thank you Amanda for another week of thinking out loud. I have had a very clogged brain the last few days with everything going on. It has been a rough few weeks to say the least. I’m going to do this highs and lows style!


1. High- I am so excited to be home and around all these runners/my community throughout the weekend and really the two most important people in my life after a bad week.

2. High- I finally was able to get my massage on Wednesday and did sushi and froyo Tuesday night… and lots of cadburry eggs with my teammates. I also planted a flower for earth day in my quad.

photo 1 photo 2

3. Low- The above mentioned was needed because my coach was an ass to me. I had asked about going to Navy Ring Dance, which btw is a HUGE deal to them and Shane and I have been together for almost 3 years now, well it overlaps with our conference meet BUTT not my race. He had every right to say no but he went out of his way to make me feel bad “trying to understand why I felt it was okay to even ask” which I told him I owed it to Shane to at least ask and gave me two options which are not even options for me and he knows that. He made me feel pretty bad about myself and made me just really want to get out of this school and graduate.

4. Low- He also told me about something a teammate said during a meeting with him, he didn’t use names but it was pretty obvious, she was comparing a relay race she was in to my 5k race and trying to say she deserved a larger athletic scholarship than I have. Which 1. that is none of her business 2. I have worked my ass off for this team and 3. her scholarship needs to be based off her performance alone… not a relay and not in comparison to someone that runs a completely different event and leads the cross country team. This is the same person that trash talked me to the freshman earlier this year who are some of my closest friends now so it is safe to say we are all pretty tired of these petty games.

5. High- Only have one day of class this week that I made it too and only 3 days next week before the spring semester is OVER! Then just finals to buckle through… conference and summer school. But summer school should be a bit more relaxing.

6. High- Shane was able to get the doctor to approve his original surgery date for June so that means his June training is cancelled and he gets leave until his surgery on 6/15 sooo he is able to come visit me! My mom also booked her flights for a work trip and will be in town 6/6-6/11.

7. Low- While I am home I had to go see my grandfather because he is not doing too well and we are going to move him into a hospice. It worked out well that I already had tickets home because with finals coming up I won’t get another chance.

8. High- Because you always have to end on a good note. I picked my housing for next year, figured out my summer school housing and am pretty much all set to go with the rest of my college life planned out! Wooo. Pretty surreal/exciting. I have 5.5 more months of school time and 8 months total until I am done!

That is all I have for this week. I am much happier going into the weekend at home and winding down in school. A break is much needed at this point!


5 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #10

  1. If I were you, I’d turn those 2 lows into highs. Think of it as the girl is jealous of how awesome you are & well i’m not sure how you could turn the oher one. It is lovely that he’s able to come visit you for a while ❤


    1. My thoughts exactly, I have my close friends on the team and they know my real personality not the one she told them about… i’m still working on my options for the other one. I am very excited about him being able to visit anddd I will see him tomorrow night! 🙂


  2. Oh don’t let that coach or girl get to you just remember why you are running and why you are on the team! I had a somewhat similar situation with a college coach and in all honesty they play favorites a lot of the time! Just run for you and when it becomes too much and it’s not fun anymore leave the situation that’s what I ended up doing and guess what I found my love for it again because I started to do it for me again!


    1. I have been running for myself for awhile it’s just frustrating when he has the ability to say no and I can’t do anything about it and he can say whatever he wants without us being able to contradict him because he controls our place on the team and scholarships… luckily I am almost done!


  3. Ohhh team drama — it’s always gotta come in and ruin things. Don’t let it get you down, girlie. You can’t change others, but you -can- control how you react, and just remember that it’s usually more about them and crap they’re dealing with than it iid about you. Just keep rocking their socks off 🙂


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